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News video games 12 August 2022, 16:15

author: Kamil Kleszyk

CSGO Legend Challenges Valve, Says He Could Do Better

Oleksandr Kostylev, better known as s1mple, is a CS:GO legend. The Ukrainian player recently approached Valve Software with an extremely interesting proposal. How will the developers of the popular online shooter respond?

Source: Ella Don.

It's not a well-known fact that Valve Software is not perfect when it comes to polishing its games. Fans of CS:GO often express their regrets about the condition of the popular shooter. Criticism related to inadequate attention to the development falls on the developer.. Not only that, but impatient gamers are doing the studio's work themselves. Our editorial colleague wrote earlier about a group of fans who on their own decided to move Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to the more modern Source 2 engine.

If this impressive feat doesn't make Valve open its eyes, perhaps a recent comment from a CS legend will (via dotesport).

Oleksandr Kostylev, a.k.a. s1mple, published a post on Twitter in which he expressed his willingness to help the developers (for a "small" fee) improve the iconic CS.

CSGO Legend Challenges Valve, Says He Could Do Better - picture #1
Source: Twitter/ @s1mpleO

S1mple is considered by almost the entire esports community as the most outstanding player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Ukrainian has won dozens of tournaments throughout his professional career, receiving numerous awards for the best player of the respective games. Not surprisingly, Kostylev's post received quite a response among the shooter's fans, who expressed support for the legend's idea in the comments.

Of course, his proposal should not be taken seriously, but the way it was conveyed by the idol of many gamers, perhaps it will influence Valve's ambitions - ultimately forcing the developers to work more effectively on CS.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this message, the developers have not responded to s1mple's "challenge".

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