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News video games 12 December 2020, 19:40

author: Adrian Werner

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.04 Fixes Quests and Improves Stability

CD Projekt RED released hotfix 1.04 for Cyberpunk 2077. It removes problems in many adventures, improves engine stability and fixes streamer mode.

  • Corrects errors in quests;
  • Improves stability;
  • Speeds up animation of switching between TPP and FPP view in the car;
  • Reduces the ugly effect of cars materializing on the roads;
  • Removes songs that may cause copyright problems from streamer mode;
  • Reduces the risk of triggering a seizure.

Released two days ago, Cyberpunk 2077 leaves much to be desired technically. The devs have assured us that they are already working on fixes and we've just received the first of these as patch 1.04. For now, it's only available on PC and PlayStation 4. The developers promise, however, that it will also debut on Xbox One soon.

The patch comes in the form of a so-called hotfix, so it's a relatively small update that's designed to fix serious problems quickly, rather than offer a thorough rework of the game. Nevertheless, the list of changes is quite large. First of all, the patch removes bugs in a dozen or so adventures, which made it impossible or difficult to complete them.

Weapon preview in crafting system and problems with missing NPC animations in some cut-scenes were fixed. The devs also sped up the animation of switching between FPP and TPP view while driving. In addition, while driving on the streets of Night City, we will less often encounter ugly effects causing other traffic participants to simply materialize on the road.

Patch 1.04 also improves overall stability, which is expected to result in less frequent freezes and crashes. Streamer mode has also been fixed. Before that, even after selecting the option "turn off copyrighted music", from time to time songs were played that could get us into trouble and result in DMCA warnings. Now these songs have been removed from this mode. In addition, the braindance sequence with flashing lights has been modified to reduce the risk of triggering a seizure.

Other changes are only for specific platforms. On PC, problems with language selection on Steam have been fixed. The console edition, on the other hand, received higher quality reflection effects. Moreover, when the patch makes its debut on Xbox One, it will remove the problem that caused the Achievements counter to stop at 97% even after all Badlands missions are completed.

So while the patch doesn't fix everything that doesn't work properly in Cyberpunk 2077, it should make the game more enjoyable for its owners and make it easier to wait for the next updates.

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