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News video games 01 June 2022, 13:15

author: Adrian Werner

Darkest dungeon 2 Roadmap and Release Date of Version 1.0

Red Hook has announced updated development plans for Darkest Dungeon 2. The developers want to focus on revamping the progression and relationship systems, among other things.

Red Hook has published a new entry on the official website of Darkest Dungeon II, in which it specified plans for the game's development.

The future of Darkest Dungeon 2

Recall that the game is currently available in early access.

  1. The devs confirmed that the release of version 1.0 is planned for February 2023.
  2. Currently, the developers are focusing on fixing bugs and defects that appeared in the May update, The Shroud of the Deep. After that is done we can expect the improvement of the glitter system and the expansion of the Cultists faction.
  3. Further development of the game will focus on smaller, but more frequent updates with new content.
  4. A complete overhaul of the progression system is planned, to make it richer and offer more choices.
  5. Big changes will also be made to the relationships between characters, so that they are less predictable and the decisions made by the player have more weight. These relationships will have a more direct impact on gameplay. At the same time, the resulting comments during fights will be limited, as they can get in the way.
  6. The carriage driving sequences will be improved. For now, the creators are not ready to share any details. They assure only that we can expect more decisions but not arcade elements.
  7. Currently, the team is less focused on creating new regions, rather putting emphasis on adding new content to already existing areas. For example - instead of a new faction available only in one additional region, we will get minibosses that can appear anywhere.

Parallel to these changes we are to receive three new characters, additional campaign acts and pets.

Darkest Dungeon II debuted in early access in October, last year. The game is available only on PC. Console editions are planned, but they will appear only after the release of version 1.0. Currently, the game is sold only on Epic Games Store, but the full edition will also hit Steam, the same day as on EGS.

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Darkest Dungeon II

Darkest Dungeon II

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