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News video games 14 February 2019, 15:03

author: Bart Swiatek

Darksiders 3 Breaks Even as Expected

THQ Nordic has informed that the sales of Darksiders III, an action game with RPG elements developed by Gunfire Games, have met the publisher's expectations.

Darksiders 3 Breaks Even as Expected - picture #1
Fury can pull her own weight.


  1. Darksiders III reached the break-even point and sold as expected by the publisher;
  2. The franchise remains an essential brand for THQ Nordic;
  3. Several DLCs for the game will be released throughout the year.

THQ Nordic announced that the sales of the action adventure game Darksiders III in Q4 2018 have covered the game's development and marketing costs. Thus, the title started to generate profits. We were also informed that the results achieved by Gunfire Games are in line with the publisher's expectations. The game was one of the driving forces behind the significant increase (38%) in the company's year-on-year net sales (THQ Nordic alone, not the entire group).

Unfortunately, the specific number of sold copies was not provided, but the information can certainly be considered good, especially given the much less optimistic initial reports. It seems that, in the end, the title was able to gain momentum and win the trust of the fans (although the Steam sale numbers are not staggering - according to the data from the paid version of SteamSpy, the production acquired 115 thousand players through Valve's platform. Perhaps the solid post-release support was not without influence on the situation - e.g. in the form of an update, which makde the combat system similar to the one implemented in the previous parts.

At the same time, THQ Nordic emphasized in the announcement that Darksiders remains one of its key IPs, which bodes well for a possible continuation. For now, however, the developers will have to deal with DLC for their latest game - this year is expected to see the release a few expansions, which should help to maintain interest in this title.

Let's remind that Darksiders III is the third part of a series of action adventure games with RPG elements, which enable the players to embody the riders of the apocalypse. The title debuted on November 27, 2018, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, collecting mixed ratings from industry experts.

  1. THQ Nordic - official website
Darksiders III

Darksiders III

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