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News video games 23 December 2018, 19:12

author: Ender

Darksiders 3 - new patch introduces "classic" combat system

The latest Darksiders 3 patch introduces the classic combat system, which makes the game similar to the first installments of the franchise.

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Darksiders III was expected to be a great continuation of previous parts. Unfortunately, players were disappointed.

Despite the high hopes of fans for a solid sequel to previous editions of Darksiders, the third part of the cycle, released a few weeks ago, met with a cool reception from critics. Gunfire Games failed in many ways, taking a few steps backwards from the first parts of the series, which was largely due to a much smaller budget and reduced production time. These problems translated into sales of the title, which, according to the latest information, achieved results below the publisher's expectations. However, the developers have not abandoned the game and support it with further patches.

The latest patch to Darksiders III introduces the so-called "classic" combat system, making the mechanics similar to the previous parts of the series. The main heroine can interrupt her attacks and actions, avoid hostile attacks, as well as use items in an instant. Players can switch between the original and classic systems at any time. The developers have also increased the maximum character level to 200 and made some fixes to the game.

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Darksiders III

Darksiders III

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