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News video games 08 December 2022, 19:02

Days Gone Director Blames Game's Poor Reception on Woke Reviewers

It's been a while since the release of Days Gone, but the game's director, John Garvin, still can't get over the lukewarm reception of his creation. This time he blamed it on... the wokeness of reviewers.

Days Gone, although not a bad game, did not win the hearts of gamers and reviewers, who unanimously agreed that Bend Studio's production can be considered at best a decent work with an average rating of 71/100 on Metacritic (PS4 version).

Although several years have passed since its release, it seems that John Garvin, the game's director, still can't come to terms with its reception. In a Twitter discussion between him and one of the title's fans, Garvin blamed the game's poor reception on... woke reviewers.

Politics and games

The former Bend Studio member was responding to a comment from one gamer, who expressed surprise that Days Gone was not properly appreciated. The player, who after reading the review was setting himself up for a game that was not bad at best, admitted that Days Gone positively surprised him.

In response, John Garvin listed three reasons that, in his opinion, contributed to this state of affairs (via VGC):

Days Gone Director Blames Games Poor Reception on Woke Reviewers - picture #1

Photo by John Garvin/Twitter

The developer's statement did not meet with a positive reception and was perceived as looking for fault everywhere but in himself.

John Garvin's words were responded to by, among others, well-known journalist Jason Schreier.

We should add that on his Twitter profile Garvin applies limited visibility to posts - only his approved observers can see them.

Garvin is not holding back

This is not the first unpopular statement from the director of Days Gone. A year ago he made waves when he admitted that if gamers really like a title, they should pay full price for it at launch.

In addition, the developer said that one should not be surprised by the publisher's decision not to continue the series if the game was bought on discounts.

Gamers were quick to counter John Garvin's statement, admitting that they could have bought the title on release at full price if each one had come out in good working order and there was no need to wait for post-release patches.

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