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Days Gone Guide

Days Gone Guide

You'll never walk alone... The Days Gone Guide will help you complete all the quests and defeat the most difficult hordes of zombies. The walkthrough contains valuable advice, as well as the location of all secrets. Also, check out the best weapons and skills for beginners section.

Last update: 12 December 2022

This guide to Days Gone uncovers all the secrets of the game by Bend Studio. Our guide will provide you with some practical tips, hints and information that will help you learn to play the game. First of all, the guide contains a very detailed walkthrough of all the main missions and side quests.

Additionally, the walkthrough is equipped with a world atlas, which includes maps of all 6 regions. Important locations and various secrets and collectibles have been marked on these maps. The FAQ section is important, too, as it answers all the pressing questions you might have about the game.

The Beginner's Guide can be found on the first few pages, and it includes tips with will make your first hours of playthrough a lot easier. We have also included a lot of information about weapons and combat to make learning the crucial mechanics of the game easier. Since the bike plays a very important role in Days Gone, we have devoted a whole section of the guide specifically to it. This section will teach you how to upgrade it and where to get fuel. Remember that if you don't take care of your bike properly, it will stop in the middle of the road, and you will have to carry on by foot for the rest of the adventure. This way you will be more exposed to attacks coming from both zombies and other people.

The bike, however, is not the only important thing. The main protagonist himself, Deacon St. John, can keep developing, too. Information about character development, gaining experience points and about available skills can also be found in this guide. The guide also covers crafting, because it is a very important mechanic in Days Gone. The game allows you to repair your bike on your own, as well as craft healing items, traps or Molotov cocktails. The guide also contains information on where to get crafting materials and how not to expose yourself to danger from other people.

The main subjects covered in the guide are supplied by smaller sections. First of all, we have compiled a trophy guide to help you unlock all the trophies and get platinum. Apart from that, we have included sections about the length of the game and the controls, which you should know if you want to survive in the dangerous post-apocalyptic world of the game.

Days Gone: Quick Beginner's Guide

The chapter of our game guide titled Beginner's Guide offers various hints on the most important gameplay mechanics. The information contained in it can help you avoid making any serious mistakes at the beginning of the game. Here are some of the topics covered by the chapter in question:

  1. Take care of your motorcycle -Deacon's machine should be repaired regularly in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Additionally, do not forget about looking around for canisters and petrol dispensers.
  2. Look around for better varieties of firearms - You can get new, ordinary weapons by looting dead opponents. Higher quality guns can, in turn, be purchased from merchants that live in the encampments.
  3. Unlock the Focused Shot skill and use it in combat - Focused Shot is, in other words, a slow-motion mode, which can be utilized while aiming. It is especially useful when trying to eliminate enemies with single shots to the head.
  4. Initially, avoid fights against Hordes - Facing a Horde is a serious challenge for an undeveloped character. You must set aside attacking Hordes for later. At the start of the game, focus on improving your stats and unlocking important skills. Until you have made your hero stronger, use your bike to avoid confrontations with any encountered Hordes.
  5. Search police cars and ambulances - Looting a police car is a chance to come across a box of ammunition. Looting an ambulance gives you the opportunity to discover a first aid kit.
  6. Try to eliminate enemies from hiding - Rely on stealth as much as the game allows you to. You can easily hide from opponents, e.g. in tall grass, and also efficiently eliminate them by stabbing them in the back.
  7. Visit NERO checkpoints to permanently increase your hero's stats - At every NERO checkpoint, you can find an Injector that will allow you to increase Deacon's health, stamina, or focus by 1 point.
  8. Deacon's health bar does not regenerate automatically - You must heal up the main character by relying on bandages and first aid kits. It is worth mentioning, that you can make bandages yourself.
  9. Save the game regularly - You can create both manual and quick saves. However, you should be aware, that you can only save the game if Deacon is located either near the motorcycle or by a bed (e.g. in an encampment).

Days Gone: All Story Missions

In Days Gone, there is no classic division into Main and side missions, nor are there singular missions. Instead, the game features Storylines, and each of them can consist of a few or even over a dozen missions. Consecutive missions from a given Storyline are unlocked at different points in the game. Our walkthrough will allow you to complete Days Gone 100%, i.e. finish all Storylines.

Here are the main sections of the Days Gone walkthrough in our guide:

  1. Chasing Leon
  2. Gear Up For The Ride
  3. He's my Brother
  4. I Remember
  5. You're Safe Now
  6. Earning Our Keep
  7. Ripped Apart
  8. Bounty Hunter
  9. Protecting the Weak
  10. Surviving Isn't Living
  11. Marauder Camp Hunter
  12. Keep Them Safe
  13. A Good Soldier
  14. I'm Never Giving Up
  15. Law and Disorder
  16. Race against time
  17. Secret ending - Days Gone has one main ending. The secret, extra ending can be viewed only after finishing the campaign.

Days Gone: All secrets and the world atlas

Our guide to Days Gone should make it easier for you to find 100% of the secrets and collectibles in the game world. We have prepared high-quality world atlas maps, which contain markers of important locations and treasures.

Region of Cascade

  1. Important locations - These include Copeland's Camp and the O'Leary Mountain.
  2. Secrets - The following collectibles can be found: 1x Tourism, 5x Characters, 7x Historical Markers, 12x NERO Intel, 6x Herbology.

Region of Iron Butte

  1. Important locations - These include the Plane wreck, the Dam, the Main Ripper compound and the Cloverdale Facility.
  2. Secrets - The following collectibles can be found: 3x Tourism, 4x Characters, 6x Historical Markers, 2x NERO Intel, 4x Herbology.

Region of Crater Lake

  1. Important locations - These include the Diamond Lake camp and Wizard Island.
  2. Secrets - The following collectibles can be found: 3x Tourism, 9x Characters, 9x Historical Markers, 9x NERO Intel, 4x Herbology.

Region of Highway 97

  1. Important locations - These include the Chemult Community College and the Aspen Butte Ambush Camp.
  2. Secrets - The following collectibles can be found: 4x Tourism, 4x Historical Markers, 6x NERO Intel, 1x Herbology.

Region of Belknap

  1. Important locations - These include the Hot Springs camp and the Ambush camp.
  2. Secrets - The following collectibles can be found: 9x Tourism, 4x Characters, 10x Historical Markers, 7x NERO Intel, 3x Herbology.

Region of Lost Lake

  1. Important locations - These include Iron Mike's Camp and the Farm.
  2. Secrets - The following collectibles can be found: 5x Tourism, 11x Characters, 7x Historical Markers, 6x NERO Intel, 5x Herbology.


  1. General information about the camps - this section explains the purpose of the camps in the game, what are the Trust Levels and Trust Points, and what features can be found in the camps.
  2. O'Leary Mountain Safehouse
  3. Copeland's Camp
  4. Hot Springs
  5. Iron Mike's Camp
  6. Diamond Lake
  7. Wizard Island
  8. List of merchants and mechanics - this section contains tables with a list of goods and services offered by individual merchants.

Other sections about secrets and collectibles

  1. Unlocking all map regions
  2. Types of secrets
  3. Types of activities

Days Gone: FAQ

As you're playing Days Gone, you may have trouble understanding some of the mechanics, and you may also find making progress in the game difficult for various reasons. The FAQ section summarizes all the most important topics related to these issues.

Mini-FAQ - this is a collection of smaller topics that don't require a very complex explanation.


  1. Freaker Nests - how to find & destroy?
  2. Lost bike - how to retrieve?
  3. Bunker - where is it?
  4. Question marks - what are they?
  5. Fast travel - how to use it?
  6. Survivors/saved - where to send?
  7. NERO Research Site - how to get there?
  8. Helicopter wreck - how to get to it?
  9. Dog - can you pet?
  10. Cemetery nests - where to find?

Character and inventory

  1. Suppressor - how to acquire & attach?
  2. Crossbow - how to get?
  3. Upgraded melee weapon - how to craft?
  4. Weapons - how to repair?
  5. Inventory capacity - how to increase?
  6. Herbs, meat - what do they do?
  7. Sniper rifle - how to get?
  8. Ammo, medicaments - how to refill?
  9. XP - how to earn faster?


  1. Gun locker - where are the weapons?
  2. How to save the game?
  3. NERO checkpoint - how to unlock?
  4. Drugged Outta His... - how to finish?
  5. Time of day - how to change?
  6. Credits - why can't I spend in camp?


  1. Bear boss - how to kill?
  2. Breaker boss - how to kill?
  3. Horde - do I have to fight it?
  4. Carlos boss - how to kill?
  5. Armored enemies - how to kill?
  6. Horde of Chemult - how to beat?
  7. Reacher boss - how to kill?
  8. Horde at the Iron Butte - how to beat?
  9. Horde at old sawmill - how to beat?
  10. Skizzo boss - how to kill?

Days Gone: Game Guide

The Game Guide section of our Days Gone guide describes the most important gameplay mechanics. By following these tips, you can eliminate and dodge your enemies more effectively, upgrade Deacon and his equipment, and avoid making frequent mistakes.

  1. Crafting - this section explains what the crafting requirements are and when you can use it. It also features a complete list of craftable items.
  2. Weapons and combat - this section explains whether weapons can be destroyed and what to do during combat.
  3. Hordes - we have included extensive tips on how to defeat or avoid hordes, as well as how to prepare for battles with hordes of zombies.
  4. Stealth - you will learn how to effectively sneak, how to use silencers and how to divert the enemies' attention.
  5. Best and unique weapons - you will learn which merchants in the game world sell weapons of highest quality.
  6. Healing and death - you will learn how to restore Deacon's health bar and what will happen if he dies.
  7. Unlocking missions - you will learn how to unlock more missions and Storylines, and what the typical mission rewards are.
  8. Free supplies from Boozer - you will learn how to can receive free items from Boozer and where to go to get them.
  9. Best starting skills - you will learn which skills are very helpful and worth buying during the first hours of the game.
  10. Unlocking skills - you will learn how to acquire new skills and how they work.
  11. Stats - how to increase permanently? - you will learn how to permanently increase Deacon's health, focus and stamina.

Days Gone: Deacon's Bike

Deacons motorcycle is his only means of transportation - Days Gone Guide

Deacon's motorcycle is his only means of transportation. Thanks to it, you can quickly traverse the game world and run from your enemies. You need to take care of your machine, repair it, refuel, and even protect against thieves and mutants. In Days Gone, you can not only upgrade your motorcycle, but also change its appearance. This way, you can create your dream bike.

The Motorcycle section in our guide covers all the most important information about Deacon's machine. Here are the most important covered topics:

  1. Motorcycle - how to upgrade?
  2. Motorcycle fuel - how to get?
  3. Different bike - can I use one?
  4. Motorcycle - how to repair?
  5. Special skins - how to apply?
  6. Falling off the bike - how to avoid?
  7. Nitro - how to unlock?
  8. Attack - how to fight while riding?
  9. No fuel loss - how to do it?

Days Gone: Trophies

This trophy guide provides a detailed description of all the available trophies in Days Gone It should prove useful if you want to get platinum - Days Gone Guide

This trophy guide provides a detailed description of all the available trophies in Days Gone It should prove useful if you want to get platinum.

Unlocking all trophies from the basic set should not be difficult, although it may take you a long time (50-60 hours or more). Some DLC trophies related to challenges or the highest difficulty levels may be problematic, but they are not included in the platinum trophy requirements.

  1. Trophy list (basic set)
  2. This is a Knife
  3. One Down
  4. Go Kick Rocks
  5. Variety is the Spice of Life
  6. Performance Enhanced

Days Gone: PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
  2. CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.3 GHz or AMD FX 6300 @ 3.5 GHz
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 (3 GB) or AMD Radeon R9 290 (4 GB)
  5. DirectX: 11
  6. Disk space: 70 GB
  7. Additional notes: an SSD and 16 GB of memory are recommended; the game requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

For more information about the recommended system requirements for Days Gone, the unique features of the PC version, how well the game works on PS4 and PS5 and similar topics, check out the System requirements & technical issues page.

Days Gone: Game length

Days Gone is a relatively long game, especially if you want to attain 100% completion of the six main regions. It takes at least 30 hours on average to complete the main storyline. To fully complete the game, you might have to spend as much as 70-80 hours playing Days Gone.

  1. Completing the game unlocks the option to replay it in the New Game Plus mode and take up the additional challenge mode, allowing you to extend the playtime. For more information, check out the Game length page.

Days Gone: Game in a nutshell

Days Gone is a third-person action game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The player steps into the shoes of an ex-member of a motorcycle gang, Deacon St. John. You will assume his role almost two years after the outbreak of a virus. Such an extended period of time caused the known world to completely evaporate, but it is still too early to create the foundations of a new world.

The creators stress that the player's task will be to survive in a dangerous world and deal with the hero's trauma. You will not have to play the role of a classical hero, your purpose within this world is not to look for a cure or to save it.

During the game, you will also discover the story of the hero, you will see flashbacks to the years before the apocalypse many times. Thanks to this, you will be able to empathize with the hero and make better choices.

About Days Gone Guide

Author : Jacek "Stranger" Halas & Patrick "yxu" Homa for

Translator : Jakub "Yossarian" Nowak

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Days Gone Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Bend Studio
  • publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • platform: PS4

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