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News video games 31 August 2022, 12:23

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Mysterious Big Update is Headed for Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal's update routine is about to be disrupted. That's because of the first major update that Blizzard is set to roll out at the end of September. Later in August, however, we will get patch 1.5.5.

To Diablo Immortal will soon receive an update bigger than before, with a lot of new features. It will disrupt the current update schedule - no new content will be introduced for the next two weeks (as it was so far).

However, before this mysterious update, scheduled for September, is released, we will get a routine update, marked 1.5.5, and with it new events. They will become available as soon as the game's maintenance work, set for tomorrow at 01:00-3:00 am PST, will be finished. Here's a look at what the update introduces.

Inner Light in season 4

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the update will be the new combat pass for season 4 of Diablo Immortal, which will begin on September 1. The Battle Pass will offer 40 ranks with challenges and rewards. Two paid versions of it will be available, making it easier to collect loot: an enhanced Battle Pass and an enhanced Collector's Battle Pass. Battle Pass in Inner Light will be available until September 29.

New boss in Helliquary

Or rather, bosses. We will be able to face Gishtur and Beledwe starting September 2, if we visit the Einfrinn Tree in the Western March. For defeating them, we will receive Twin Horns (providing a 10% reduction in skill cooldown in the Challenge Rifts). However, we will not be able to do this if our character's combat rating is less than 4665.

Mysterious Big Update is Headed for Diablo Immortal - picture #1

Hungring Moon

For participating in this event, we will receive moon crumbs, redeemable for blessings. Seven blessings will equal a random reward. The event will run from September 9 to September 12.

Time-limited challenges

Scorched Sea will be available between September 14 and 28. For participation, one will receive, among other things, a Scorched Sea Frame. Another time-limited event is to be the Mists of Cyrangar. For the events duration (September 21-30) all players below the server's paragon level, will receive a buff providing additional experience.

In addition to the above news, the developers are also preparing bug fixes and an update to the function related to the Legendary Gems lockout. This may also mean that changes will be implemented in the appearance of Emblems, which also confuse some players. Or maybe these are the innovations that will be introduced by the big mysterious update planned for September?

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