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News video games 06 February 2023, 15:37

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Footage and Details From Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Leaked

Footage from the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has leaked online. The gameplay fragments clearly show that the game will be different from the rest of the series.

Just a few days ago, well-known leaker Tom Henderson was contacted by anonymous sources who revealed some interesting information about the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Shortly thereafter, a Reddit user known as revanchisto shared an extensive post containing footage from an early version of the game. This was meant as a response to the information from Henderson's report.

According to revanchisto, he saw a gameplay that lasted about twenty minutes, recorded by the game's testers. He did not share the entire footage, when he was asked to do so. He did, however, share a few screenshots and a few seconds of combat footage - although he later removed the links, copies of these materials are available around the web. Interestingly, Insider-Gaming has confirmed their authenticity.

Not the Dragon Age we know

User revanchisto accurately described the gameplay of the new DA. We already knew about Dreadwolf being not, like the previous parts of the series, a tactical RPG, but more of an action game - the released video only confirmed this. However, according to revanchisto, the combat system (using skills) more resembles that of God of War (from 2018) than from Final Fantasy XV, as Henderson previously wrote on Insider-Gaming.

Most likely, in Dreadwolf we'll say goodbye to the option to pause combat, but will we say goodbye to anything else? It is possible that we won't be able to control other members of our team, which was also reported by Henderson's sources. Revanchisto himself admitted that in the gameplay he saw, there was no such option - although in this alpha it may simply have been unavailable.

Revanchisto also pointed out that the animations were much improved compared to previous parts of the series. This is an alpha version of the game, so a lot can still change, but reportedly, among other things, the character's hair already looks very good at this point.

Back to the roots?

By now it was known that the plot of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf would be set in the lands of the Tevinter Empire. However, it looks like the game will explore other regions as well. Indeed, gameplay from the alpha is set in the Grey Wardens' headquarters, the Weisshaupt fortress in the Kingdom of Anderfels, bordering Tevinter. It has been attacked by dark creatures who apparently came into contact with the red lyrium found in the fortress - some of which have red eyes.

Speaking of which, a screenshot of the main character's menu is worth noting. After all, next to the information about the protagonist's level it says "Gray Warden", so it is it is possible that in Dreadwolf we will play the role of a representative of the Wardens. Dragon Age: Origins was the first and last part of the series, in which the protagonist was a Gray Warden, so it would be a nice return to the roots.

So far, we have not received any official gameplay footage of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. We also do not know the game's approximate release date - according to Henderson's sources, we will have to wait quite a while yet.

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