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News video games 10 August 2021, 19:15

author: Szarmancki

Techland's Lead Level Designer Reveals Details About Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2

Techland's lead level designer Piotr Pawlaczyk revealed that Dying Light 2 will feature quite a few easter eggs alluding to pop culture, media, and the previous installment. He also mentioned the undiscovered „easter eggs” in the first part of the game. shared a fragment of an interview with Piotr Pawlaczyk from Techland, the lead level designer of Dying Light 2. The conversation was about easter eggs, which will appear in the new game and whether all of them that appeared in the first installment of Dying Light have already been found. Pawlaczyk revealed that the second installment will include plenty of references to pop culture, all sorts of media, and the previous installment.

"Of course! Dying Light 2 will be full of Easter eggs – how could it be different? We will reach some fresh and classic movie hits. We will blink an eye on many games, but the biggest amount of references will be found deeply in our hearts – with Dying Light."

In turn, referring to the so far undiscovered easter eggs from the first installment, Pawlaczyk mentioned that most of the big puzzles have been solved and most easter eggs found. Brilliant references to iconic games such as a hidden level styled after World 1-1 in Super Mario Bros. or the neatly woven pop culture references in the dialogues and notes are a great addition to the gameplay. It's a good thing there's no shortage of those in the second installment, either.

As for the so far undiscovered curiosities, Pawlaczyk tells us about just a few of the graffiti we can find in the game. One, located near the Tower - a shelter for those who survived the tragedy that took place in the city of Harran - is a reference to the team designing levels for Dying Light; the street artwork features their tags. The second graffiti, which we come across more often in the game world, is the word "NoMesh" from the world editor used by the developers during work. "NoMesh" was a way to mark objects that were rejected by the system for some reason - the inscription would appear next to them when they appeared in the program. In The Following expansion we can also find a music band with such a name.

The release of Dying Light 2 is scheduled for December 7, 2021. The game is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2

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