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News video games 31 August 2019, 18:19

author: Konrad Serafinski

Epic Games Store Resignes From Notifying of Improvement Dates

Epic Games Store has decided to change the organization of the Trello board, where the players can find plans for platform development. From now on, instead of deadlines, we will find bookmarks concerning changes - introduced, forthcoming and future ones.

EGS changes - let's all follow them.

The Epic Games Store website provides an information about the Trello board, where you can find the platform's development plans. We can read there about upcoming functions, time frames and diagnosed problems. The board can be found here. A new schedule organization has been introduced to the website. Currently, the action plan is divided into five segments: General Information, Recently Shipped, Up Next, Future Developments and Releases/Patch Notes.

What's Trello?

This is an application that is used to create lists with specific tasks. The Trello board consists of sublists and cards that you can use together with your team.

The new presentation method allows you to easily see what changes have been introduced (Recently Shipped), what will change soon (Up Next) and what are the plans in the long term (Future Developments). On the other hand, the company has decided to resign from giving the estimated release dates of the new content. This is a very convenient solution for Epic Games, as they will not be held accountable for any specific deadline (which, as you can easily see when tracking the board, weren't met very often). The Trello board is to be updated every two weeks and the users of the platform will be informed about it.

What else is EGS missing? Source: TNM.

Take a look at the upgrades in user experience prepared by Epic Games. Among those closest to you, there is, among other things, a list of games in the library, as well as tracking of game time. However, the support for modification promises to be interesting. In the announcement, we can read:

We are adding support for the moderation community. Users will be able to browse the directory of players and developers who created modifications to their games. Players will also be able to automatically install game fashion via the Epic Games launcher.

And what will the distant future bring us? Wishlists, shopping basket, gifts and achievements. So, everthing that Steam has, and Epic Games Store would like to have. Anyway, it's worth watching the development of the platform closely, because it's become first choice platform for more and more games. Yeah, but will Epic Games Store still be evlk incarnate when it get all the features it needs? Because, as we well know, for some developers, the platform is a role model.

  1. Epic Games Store official website
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