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News video games 16 June 2021, 11:57

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Fallout 4 Mod Will Take Us to Post-apocalyptic London

It looks like the moment will finally come when we will see how nuclear war in the Fallout universe affected countries other than the US. All thanks to the modders responsible for Fallout: London.

  • Fans of Fallout are working on an ambitious new mod;
  • Fallout: London will take us to post-apocalyptic Britain;
  • The new region for the series will be filled with unique factions and enemies.

Another ambitious mod expanding the Fallout universe has appeared on the horizon. This time it will enable us to visit areas other than the USA. Fallout: London will take us to the capital of the United Kingdom, offering a completely new look at the world. It is created with the fourth installment in mind.

The creators of the mod promise that it will have the size of DLCs known from Fallout 4. The map created for the project matches the size of the one we could explore in the base game. During the journey we'll visit a condensed version of London, in which we'll find many of the most recognizable landmarks of the city. We will also have at our disposal various locations surrounding the capital city.

The most interesting element of the mod, however, seems to be the significant differences from the known installments. In Fallout: London we won't find popular factions such as Brotherhood of Steel, NCR or The Enclave. Post-apocalyptic Britain has become home to a wide range of other factions, such as the Knights of Camelot parading in plate armor, a fascist group called the Fifth Column or many organized gangs. There's also the queen hiding somewhere in the city.

Fallout: London will also put before us completely new opponents. For example, the FEV virus has not reached the British Isles. The good old rads did their job, however, and we can still axpect numerous monsters, which will gladly stand in our way.

Fallout 4 Mod Will Take Us to Post-apocalyptic London - picture #1
Fallout: London will put before us completely new opponents

Another difference will be the lack of the iconic Vault-Tec crypts. In the universe of Fallout it was an American company that did not do business abroad. However, this does not mean that the mod's creators will not enable us to visit some other underground fallout shelters. They will appear, but they will differ from those that we know from the official games.

The modders also put a lot of attention to reflecting the pre-war realities of the United Kingdom in the game. In London we won't find as many firearms as in the post-apocalyptic United States. An important element is also to be class divisions lasting even after the nuclear war.

Unfortunately, the great ambitions behind the project also make it difficult to predict when it will be finished. The creators revealed that they are currently unable to give a release date for the modification. This means all we can do is wait.

It is also worth remembering that to run Fallout: London you will need Fallout 4 and all of its DLCs. The modification will be available only on PC.

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