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News video games 18 January 2019, 00:38

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Fallout 76 - further bans due to developer's room affair

To ban or not to ban. To play or not to play. The Fallout 76 drama continues and yes, ladies and gents, we have another dozen of bans due to developer's room.

Fallout 76 - further bans due to developers room affair - picture #1
Well, it is probably never going to end. Todd, you wanted to give us drama and… here we have it!

Last week we learned about another scandal in connection with Fallout 76. Players managed to get into the so-called development room in the game, thanks to which they gained practically unlimited access to production’s content. And it's not just about hard to get items, but also about elements that have not yet been added to the game. Game designers responded with numerous bans, but only now Bethesda Softworks has issued an official statement. Developers informed on Facebook that they will block all accounts and characters which are going to be detected in "closed areas".

The information is important as the previous wave of bans concerned only the people who reached the development room. Meanwhile, many of these "explorers" did not waste their time and quickly sent their trophies to separate accounts, from where they could be transferred to other players. Although Bethesda managed to change the location of this place over the weekend (it is still possible to get to the original location, but you cannot interact with the objects present there), nevertheless a lot of these illegal loot was traded. In addition, the announcement specifies that the blocks are only temporary, although it is not stated how long they will be active.

Fallout 76 - further bans due to developers room affair - picture #2
The developer room let players to get illegal and special items before they were officially added.

The discovery of entrance to the development room is another and definitely not the biggest affair that Bethesda had to face after the premiere of Fallout 76. The title made its debut on 14 November and for many it turned out to be a disappointment. The game was technically underdeveloped, and in other respects it left a lot to be desired. As a result, it did not gain the acclaim of, nor players. The latter was additionally irritated by the collector's edition, especially when it turned out that the so-called influencers received free gifts of much higher quality, which could confuse many buyers who watched the materials of these people. Then we had data leakage and gossip about lootboxes, which definitely did not improve the image of Bethesda in the eyes of players.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

Passionate about video (and other) games for years, he completed an Mba in linguistics, defending a thesis about games. He began his adventure with Gamepressure in 2015, writing in the newsroom, later also covering film and – oh, horror! – technology (also contributor to the gaming encyclopedia). He started with platformers, which he still dearly loves (including metroidvania), but he's also interested in card games (including 'analog'), brawlers, soulslike games and basically every other type of game. Don't ask about the graphics – after a few hours of exposition, he can be delighted with pixelated characters from games that remember the days of the Game Boy age (if not older).


Fallout 76

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