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News video games 26 January 2019, 10:43

author: Michael Kulakowski

Fallout 76 Survival Mode Beta will start in March

We got to know the first details about the new fun mode in Fallout 76 called Survival, which will focus on PvP. Its open beta tests should start in March.

Bethesda continues to fight the losing battle for the support of those who, despite endless controversies and problems, are still playing Fallout 76. After a series of patches and updates that tried to eliminate at least some of the biggest bugs that trouble the production, the developers shared first details about the PvP mode, announced at the end of December, which will change the way players compete with each other. This variant of the game will be called Survival and will be available from the main menu as a separate game mode. The public beta mode is planned to launch in March.

Fallout 76 Survival Mode Beta will start in March - picture #1
Beta of the survival mode will launch in March

First, we should note that the Survival mode of Fallout 76 mode will offer the same quests, events and storyline as the standard mo, now known as Adventure. We will even be able to transfer in a previously created character and equipment. The main difference is that all other players on the world map, apart from team members and event helpers, are by default hostile and can attack us at any time, without any warning. Let's remind that in the standard mode both participants of the game must agree to the duel by exchanging shots first. In order to protect newcomers, the developers intend to introduce a new level scaling system so that even novice characters will have a chance to defend themselves against attack from well-armed veterans.

Bethesda has also changed the way our hero returns to life. Instead of quick respawn near the body, we will wake up in our camp or in Vault 76, which will make it much more difficult to recover our lost equipment and items. In addition, the creators plan to double the rewards for killing another player and encourage head hunters to take down overly aggressive players. Most efficient “cleaners” will be listed on dedicated online leaderboards.

Fallout 76 Survival Mode Beta will start in March - picture #2
The fans agree that the PvP mode in the basic version of the game definitely wasn’t the developer’s favorite child.

The developers are announcing that they will work on further improvements and patches in Survival mode, following the suggestions of open beta participants. Some players are already sceptical about some proposals that were made. In particular, the ability to transfer characters is a cause for concern. Given the scourge of cheaters who exploit various vulnerabilities and bugs in the game, allowing them to quickly gain resources or overpowered weapons, opening the door to PvP for all characters built in Adventure mode may end up in a disaster.

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