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News video games 30 September 2022, 17:28

author: Krzysiek Kalwasinski

FIFA 23 Launches to a Historic Moment for the Series

FIFA 23 is available on all platforms as of today. This is the last installment of the series developed by EA under the name it has known so far. This is a historic moment for the series.

Today marks the release of FIFA 23, the latest installment of the highly popular series of soccer games developed by Electronic Arts. The next one will already be developed by FIFA itself. Meanwhile, EA will develop its soccer series under a new title - EA Sports FC. This, in a way, ends the 30-year life of one of the most popular brands in the history of video games.

FIFA 23 is now available

In recent days FIF 23 could be tested in various ways - as part of the early access for those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition, or in the form of a 10-hour trial version included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play subscriptions. Today, the game can be played by anyone interested.

FIFA 23 has been released on all major platforms. You can purchase it on PC (for example, on Steam and Epic Games Store), Sony and Microsoft consoles and on Nintendo Switch. You can, of course, acquire different editions. The Ultimate Edition, in addition to early access to the game, also offers, among other things, the ability to play on both generations of consoles in the family (PlayStation or Xbox), a player of the week team (TOTW), FIFA points or a FUT ambassador for hire.

It is worth recalling that the PC edition of FIFA 23, unlike its predecessors, will not stand apart from its current-gen console counterparts.. For this reason, its system requirements have increased. We also recently learned that the game has an available option to "censor" commentators, if on a worse day we don't want to listen to sassy remarks.

FIFA 23 did not appeal to players

The first reviews of the new game are mostly positive, at least as far as industry critics are concerned. The average of their ratings on Metacritic oscillates around 80% (depending on the platform). Industry reviewers appreciate the new gameplay features, better player animations, apt changes to the FUT mode and song selection. However, not everyone likes the faster pace or the few improvements in the VOLTA Football mode.

Complain come from the players, however, pointing out about the new security system, which we wrote about here. It causes difficulties through which some people can't even start the game (the solution turned out to be running it as administrator). On top of that, there are optimization problems, which are pointed out by owners of even powerful computers.

We can see this in reviews on Steam, most of which are negative at this point. The same, moreover, can be said of the console versions. On Metacritic FIFA 23 for PS5 currently has a score of 2.2 (out of 10) from the players (based on 40 reviews), and the same is true for the Xbox Series X/S release. On these platforms, however, it comes out more in criticism of microtransactions and the game's overall premise, which apparently does not differ enough from previous releases.

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