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News video games 22 October 2020, 15:30

author: Bart Swiatek

Free Microsoft Flight Simulator Mod Adds Missions and Career Mode

Microsoft Flight Simulator has received a free mod called NeoFly, which introduces missions and career modes that enable us to become a freelance pilot.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, the ambitious flight simulator from Asobo, has received a free modification called NeoFly, which adds a number of new missions and two career modes (normal and sandbox). The mod enables us to play the role of a freelance pilot, who performs various tasks for NeoFly. The modification is currently in beta-test phase, but its creators have made it possible to download an early version.

Players who decide to try out the mod will have access to ten missions. Eight of them are "bush" type - they are based on transporting cargo (normal, delicate and express) and passengers (including VIPs). We also have tasks that require responding to emergencies (e.g. transporting a doctor). The next two missions belong to the "hauler" category and are related to airlines and humanitarian transports.

The mod also enables us to hire pilots who will fly our planes, as well as buy, sell and repair machines. The Live Emergencies system, which uses real events near the places where we are located to generate missions based on them, also promises to be interesting.

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