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News video games 09 December 2016, 11:51

author: luckie

Games Republic store is going down before the end of 2016

Digital store Games Republic is soon going to be closed. Despite some interesting ideas, the platform failed to turn profit for its owner - Polish 11 bit studios.

Digital games store Games Republic is going to be closed before the end of this year. Such information has came from 11 bit studios – Poland-based game developer known for This War of Mine and the owner of Games Republic – via (available in Polish). What are the reasons behind this decision? Well, as it usually is, it’s all about money. The board of the company evaluated that the platform’s financial results are unsatisfactory and there are no perspectives for changing that in the coming months.

Games Republic store is going down before the end of 2016 - picture #1
Games Republic failed to resist the mighty Steam Empire.

Games Republic still offers a large catalogue of electronic versions of PC games, including the latest AAA titles. However, the most interesting feature of the platform is the option to create your own store within Games Republic and have a share of the games sold there – you just needed people to get there via a link you posted somewhere in the internet. This seemed like a real treat for all sorts of YouTubers and celebrity gamers, plus it helped promote the platform. However, even this idea failed to popularize Games Republic enough.

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