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News video games 19 November 2021, 14:36

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Battlefield 2042 Taking Flak; Players are Merciless in Pointing Out Issues

A player has created a subjective list on Reddit of issues that plague Battlefield 2042. It includes not only technical flaws, and the vast majority of the listed issues relate to gameplay mechanics.

A post has appeared on Reddit, created by user Jellyswim_. He decided to list all the criticisms he has against Battlefield 2042. The list contains about 100 issues that, according to him (and partly also to mikelowreyatl, the creator of a similar list) are detrimental to the game.

As the author of the post explains - these are not things that necessarily have to be in the game. Most of them are simply elements whose presence could positively affect the overall shape of the game, which, as we know, was not well received by the players. It is worth mentioning that the list refers to the basic version of the game - not to the Portal mode, which according to Jellyswim_ saves the game's honor thanks to community's involvement.

Importantly, the responses in the thread not only express appreciation for the author, but also serve to draw attention to further problems.

"Damn, i knew some stuff were missing but gawd damn looking at this list it's alot," wrote Tenyson05 under the original post

"Sad that this is the quality of a lot of our new “AAA” game releases. Seriously would rather go back to the days where you bought a disc because at least games were done right back then," wrote XenithRai under the original post

"Fuck I hope someone from DICE reads this list, and realize just how much they missed the goal... I'll admit i had fun for 10ish hours.. but these things became more and more obvious, and the fun just dwindled rapidly," wrote MultimediaCarl under the original post

There will be many more comments like this. But we have to admit that it's hard to look at the community, which massively expresses its disappointment with the direction in which the iconic brand is heading.

Battlefield 2042 launches today (along the first patch), and for several days the game was "enjoyed" by players who bought the early access version. DICE's game is offered on consoles PS5, PS4, XONE, XSX and on PC.

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