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News guides 29 April 2024, 08:32

author: Damian Gacek

Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) - Multiplayer (PvP and Coop) Explained

Gray Zone Warfare will be soon on PCs. Let’s talk about its multiplayer element.

Source: Gray Zone Warfare, Developer: Madfinger Games

Gray Zone Warfare starts in early access tomorrow. Not long ago we were talking about how to play beta, and now we are facing the release. While, for now, the game will be only available on PC, the consoles will get their version in the future, too, so you have to be patient. Of course, many people would like to know more about multiplayer in GZW. Let’s talk about it.

Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) – Multiplayer (PvP and Coop) Explained

Gray Zone Warfare is a PvEvP title. What does it mean? Players will be able to fight against others, at the same time they will have to watch out for Environment (enemies directed by AI). As you can see, a lot of things to shoot at.

However, as we can learn from FAQ on Steam, we will not be forced to play against human opponents. For those who like to enjoy the game solo or with a team of friends, this option is also available. There will be special servers which will not allow killing other players.

Q. Will the game also have a separate PvE mode?

A. Yes, players will choose between PvPvE servers and PvE servers. On PvE servers, players can play solo or in a squad. Players will not be able to kill and loot each other. They will only have the option to play against AI characters.

So, as you can see, GZW is something to think about even if you don’t like fighting against other players. For example, you can concentrate on uncovering the story, which is presented by over 100 missions.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare