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News video games 13 September 2021, 18:59

author: Agnes Adamus

GTA 5 Trailer for PS5 Meets With Cold Reception From Fans

Trailer of GTA 5's PS5 port met with cold reception from fans - more than 80% of its reviews are negative. The reason for this is the lack of noticeable differences from the PS4 version.

GTA 5 was one of the titles shown at the recent PlayStation Showcase, and it was announced then that the release of dedicated PS5 version has been delayed and it will go on sale in March 2022. The trailer that gave us this information was published on the PlayStation channel on YouTube. There, it met with an extremely cold reception - more than 80% of people rated it negatively.

However, the poor reception is not due to the fact that GTA 5 has been delayed. Comments under the trailer indicate that the main source of dissatisfaction is the lack of any noticeable difference between the versions for PS4 and PS5.

"They didn't even compare the "enhanced" graphics to last gen because it would look exactly the same," wrote Joey J.

"Is this really expanded and enhanced ? It looks no different then the PS4 version . They even showed the deluxos at the end blowing people up even though a lot of players hate the futuristic vehicles," stated TheProfessional.

There were also people disappointed with the fact that Rockstar is once again trying to sell the same title. After all, it's the third generation of consoles on which GTA 5 will be released. For example, fans of Sony devices could play the game on PS3, PS4, and in a few months they will also receive the version for PS5 (not counting the one available as part of backward compatibility).

"Don't worry. Now Rockstar can finally focus in their next big project: GTA5 for PS6," ironizes Jolly Palangue.

GTA Online may be to blamed for such a turn of events, as it is an integral part of GTA 5. It enjoys great popularity, so it is not particularly surprising that Rockstar doesn't want to abandon a profitable title. Still, it is disappointing that it has been seven years since the release of the title and we only get information about versions for other consoles, while the sixth installment of the series still remains only a rumor.

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