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News video games 30 July 2021, 18:29

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Half-Life 2 Gets a Fan-made Remaster With Valve's Blessing

Half-Life 3 is still a meme, but there's a chance for the series to return in a different form. If recent reports are to be believed, Valve has given its blessing to the developers of Half-Life 2: Update to create a collection of remasters of the second installment.

Half-Life: Alyx briefly appeased gamers waiting for the return of the iconic FPS series. At least those with VR headsets, but even they are hoping to join Gordon Freeman on a new adventure. For now, they will have to get by with Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection, a refreshed version of the second installment, which was spotted in on SteamDB.

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To be precise, it should be added that the title has been present in it for a long time. Already in May 2020, the an addition of a data package to the still inactive project page was noticed (via AI on Twitter), and the latest update took place over a month ago. So why the sudden interest? All thanks to Tyler McVicker, who confirmed that Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection is being developed with Valve's blessing. The project will be handed to the creators of Half-Life 2: Update, a free mod from 2015 that made quite a few improvements to the second Half-Life. The mod was impressive enough to be officially released on Steam and was well received by users.

A famous youtuber allegedly confirmed the project's existence and Valve's support of it, of which he will talk in the next material. For now, he did not provide any details, although the "collection" in the name suggests that the creators will refresh not only the basic version HL2 but also both episodes. Please note: this is not official information from Valve. Although the existence of the remaster is hard to be denied in the context of an entry in the platform's database, for now it's better to approach McVicker's reports with caution. We also emphasize that no, even if all the above information is true, this is not another "confirmation" that Half-Life 3 is being made. Unfortunately.

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