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How to Get Air Dash in The Last Faith

The Last Faith is a new metroidvania title. In its core lies unlocking new abilities, though it's not always easy to do so. If getting Air Dash troubles you, we are here to help.

Source: The Last Faith, Developer: Kumi Souls Games

Metroidvania is a popular platforming genre especially when it comes to indie games. To titles like Blasphemous II, Salt and Sacrifice, Laika: Aged Through Blood, comes a new contender in form of The Last Faith. In similar fashion and aesthetics to Blasphemous, The Last Faith strikes more vampiric themes of the original Castlevania. As in every production of this kind, progression comes through unlocking skills and abilities that make it possible to reach places inaccessible before. Some of them might be more obscure than others and such is the case with Air Dash ability. If you got stuck and need a hint on how to obtain it, we’ve got something just for you.

How to get Air Dash in The Last Faith

Getting new skills lies in the core of the metroidvania titles. They unlock places unreachable before, though getting them can be unclear as those games usually don’t have any waypoints which would indicate where to go and how to overcome obstacles. This can be the case with Propulsion Boots that grant an Air Dash ability.

To get to the item, you have to travel through the following locations:

  1. From City of Mythringal, travel down to reach Site Cave.
  2. From the Cave, go west to The Marshlands of Shadows.
  3. Continue heading west to City of Erlim.
  4. Traveling further west, you will reach Esk Mansion.
  5. In the Esk Mansion you will find a puzzle, where you will be required to find and put 4 mirror shards in their place. The shards are scattered throughout the location.
  6. Solving the puzzle will let you go to a new place, where you will fight a boss.
  7. Defeating it will open a door behind it where you will find a portal, which will move you to a location with Propulsion Boots.
How to Get Air Dash in The Last Faith - picture #1
The Propulsion Boots location on the map. The Last Faith, Developer: Kumi Souls Games

A general tip for metroidvania titles is to explore where you can. If you see a spot which you can’t reach right now, it’s most likely a place where you will be able to get later on. This kind of titles do not show you the one and only path to your destination but rather guide you by temporarily blocking paths that you shouldn’t go yet. If you get stuck, that’s a sign that you should explore more, where you haven’t been yet. Good luck!

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The Last Faith

The Last Faith

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