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News guides 29 May 2023, 12:23

author: Adam Adamczyk

How to Get and Use Tech Scrap in V Rising

In this guide you will learn how to get Tech Scrap in V Rising. This material was added in the Secrets of Gloomrot update.

V Rising is a very popular game that is currently in early access on Steam. In the game, you fight enemies, level up your character and acquire valuable materials that enable you to create various items and constructions. In this guide you will learn how to get Tech Scraps in V Rising and what it is useful for.

Tech Scrap in V Rising

Tech Scrap is a highly coveted material that can be obtained by defeating enemies in the Gloomrot region, specifically in the following locations:

  1. Rustlock Village,
  2. Transcendum Machine Factory,
  3. Transcendum Camp.

In addition to fighting enemies, you can also search the chests located in the mentioned locations, but in any case, the options of getting Tech Scrap are limited, for the time being, to grind. It is worth noting that during your search you will encounter enemies using guns. They can be quite a challenge for inexperienced players, so be on guard.

Why you should collect Tech Scrap in V Rising

Tech Scrap is a material that is required to create several useful items or structures. Among them, it is worth mentioning Radium Alloy and Fabricator. This resource, as well as many other novelties, has been added to V Rising in the recent Secrets of Gloomrot update.

V Rising Gloomrot Guide

We have created a guide that outlines the key mechanics introduced in the latest update. To explore these changes further, we invite you to read the V Rising Gloomrot Guide. Inside, you will discover valuable information about a wide range of new resources, formidable bosses, and other exciting elements that have been introduced.

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