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How to Get Pigeon in Party Animals

Do you have trouble acquiring or don't know how to get Pigeon in Party Animals? Find out more about it in our guide.

Source: Party Animals, developer: Recreate Games

Party Animals is a fun game in which players are able to take on the role of various animal species who cooperate or compete with each other. One of them, for example, is Pigeon. However, fans of the game are wondering how they can get one. In our guide, we answer this question.

How to Get Pigeon in Party Animals?

Players are wondering how they can get Pigeon. The answer is simple. The character can only be unlocked if you participated in the free demo during the 2020 Steam Festival. Unfortunately, it is not known whether Pigeon will be available to buy in the store or to acquire in some other way.

Why didn't I get Pigeon in Party Animals?

Some game fans reported that despite participating in the demo, which was available at the 2020 Steam Festival, they still did not receive Pigeon. One of the game's producers, nicknamed Macchi, reported in a thread on Steam that some of the rewards may not have reached eligible players, due to the fact that they are given out based on a list of demo participants provided by Steam.

Recreate Games is aware of the problem and has already contacted Valve about it to resolve the issue. They have also asked players for patience in this situation.

It's possible that the increased server capacity of the game is causing delays in Pigeon delivery too. Party Animals' official profile writes that you may be able to claim your rewards by restarting the game.

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