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News video games 08 September 2021, 19:49

author: Jacob Blazewicz

New Patch for Humankind Nerfs Omniscient AI

Amplitude Studios released patch 1.2.139 for Humankind. The update fixes more bugs in this rising 4X strategy game, including one that gives an unfair advantage to one of the empires.

Humankind creators continue to develop their game, although "fix" would be a more appropriate verb here. Patch 1.2.139 brought more fixes to this 4X strategy game, including... limiting the omniscience of one of the empires. The issue was a bug that caused the nation ranked third on the list (usually represented by the "fuchsia" colors) to know far more about the actions of other players and free peoples than it should have. Of course, this de facto omniscience gave the country a huge advantage over its rivals.

The patch also eliminated bugs that caused the game to crash when using the built-in online encyclopedia module and caused save files to disappear. Among other important changes we also get... the renaming of icebergs (which for some reason have been listed as "glaciers" so far) and the reduction of the combat power of the Man of War naval unit. There are also some minor fixes, including those related to translation of Humankind into various languages.

The update is slightly smaller than the one that fixed the infamous oil bug. Nevertheless, it's another step towards improving Humankind which was warmly received, though by no means bug-free. The team at Amplitude Studios assured us that they are working on fixing the remaining issues (and presumably the promised modding tools).

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