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News video games 21 October 2020, 15:02

author: Bart Swiatek

Jagged-Alliance-Style Zombie Fight - MicroProse Releasing a New Game!

MicroProse has published the trailer of Urban Strife, a production that combines elements of strategy with mechanics straight from RPGs and survival games.


  1. A new Urban Strife trailer has been released online – it's a tactical RPG that takes place in a world destroyed by zombies;
  2. The trailer presents the world and shows several parts of the game.

MicroProse has unveiled the new Urban Strife trailer, a hybrid production combining Jagged Alliance's, a famous strategy series, with RPG and survival mechanics. Unfortunately, the material is not very long, but it shows a world destroyed by zombies and contains a lot of gameplay.

We must admit that the game looks really interesting. The atnisophere strongly resembles the popular series The Walking Dead – the creators from White Pond Games studio admit that they're big fans of the game . In the game you can find a number of different solutions that will add a lot of depth.

Tactical fight is based on the ideas from Jagged Alliance 2, but the creators introduced a few of their own ideas (for example, zombies move together in the same turn, so the player does not have to wait for moves of each individual enemy). We also have dialogues and various factions, and even an extensive system of craftsmanship, thanks to which we build and improve our base and create items useful during the exploration of the post-apocalyptic world.

Urban Strife is heading for the PCs and there is no specific release date yet. The game's card on Steam suggests that the production will debut in the third quarter of next year.

  1. Urban Strife - official website
  2. Urban Strife on Steam
Urban Strife

Urban Strife

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