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News video games 10 December 2019, 23:05

author: Michael Kulakowski

Kalypso Media Announces Next-gen Installment of Commandos

Kalypso Media has announced that it is starting work on the next-gen installment of the iconic tactical series Commandos, which will hit consoles and PCs. The game will be developed by a new German studio established specifically for this purpose.

Kalypso Media has announced its intention to produce a completely new installment of the tactical / strategy game series Commandos. The development of the game has been entrusted to an yet unnamed dev team, which has just been established by the company. Its headquarters will be located in Frankfurt, Germany. Jürgen Reußwig, who previously held managerial positions at Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software (first installment of the Anno series) and at Games Distillery in Slovakia ( Citadels, Aqua, Naval Warfare), became the head of the emerging team. According to the head of Kalypso Media, Commandos is a great and globally recognized franchise, which will become a catalyst for further development of his company. The company must also be aware of the needs of the multitude of fans of the series and do everything not to disappoint them. Jürgen Reußwig summed up the start of his work in the new studio:

"Kalypso will develop a real Commandos successor at the new location, which works for both PCs and consoles and also appears on all platforms at the same time. I am proud and happy to realize the further development of Commandos - the real-time tactics classic par excellence – in Germany. A project of this magnitude is still rare in Germany and a great opportunity for dedicated developers. I am convinced that the Commandos brand and the concrete project are of great interest to both experienced developers and newcomers, and I am looking forward to numerous applications."

Since Reußwig's studio doesn't even have a name yet, it's hard to predict what form the new game will take and when we should expect its release. However, some fans of the series are concerned about the development of the title also with consoles in mind. Although Commandos had already appeared on consoles before, we had to deal with ports that appeared after the release on PC. Fans are afraid that the multiplatform nature of the new project may lead to simplification of some gameplay systems. It is also worth noting that Kalypso Media prepared the ground for the announcement of another Commandos by announcing the remaster of the second installment of the series, which will be released at the beginning of next year.

Kalypso opens a completely new development studio with next-gen Commandos in mind.
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Last update: 2019-12-10

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