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News video games 24 March 2021, 21:25

author: Michael Kulakowski

Early WWII FPS Land of War Scheduled for May Release

We have found out the official release date of Land of War: The Beginning, a Polish FPS set during the September campaign of 1939. Developers from MS Games have also presented further plans for the game's development.

We've been reporting about the works on Land of War: The Beginning for a year and a half now. The work of the Polish studio MS Games will be the first FPS that takes the players into the September campaign of 1939, a somewhat forgotten prologue to the second world war in Europe. After the release was delayed to the second quarter of this year, which took place a few months ago, the devs finally revealed the official release date. It was eventually set to May 27, which is when Land of War will appear on Steam.

The devs plan a port to Xbox One, which will be released in the second half of this year. At the same time, the team at MS Games confirmed that they will also be preparing a paid expansion, which will focus on presenting other important battles from the beginning of World War II. All these announcements were accompanied by a new gameplay trailer.

The story campaigm in Land of War: The Beginning lets us take on the role of a soldier who finds himself on the most important battlefields of the Polish campaign. The players will take part, among others, in the battle of Mokra, the siege of Warsaw, and the battle of Hel.

As we mentioned last year, the devs have paid great attention to realistically recreating the weapons, vehicles and equipment used by both sides of the conflict. During the game, we will sit behind the controls of a PZL P.11c fighter, among others. The developers visited real battlefields (including their associated museums) and gathered extensive technical documentation. Historical studies and conversations with the guardians of these objects, as well as the support of enthusiasts and reenactment groups from around the world, proved helpful.

However, Land of War: The Beginning will not lack some fictional elements, because in the battle we will use little-known, but interesting prototype weapons. The devs have also prepared scenarios based on German and Polish staff plans, presenting alternative versions of historical events.

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Land of War: The Beginning

Land of War: The Beginning

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