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News video games 13 March 2023, 16:53

Despite an 86% Positive Rating on Steam, Shooter Will Soon Disappear

The creators of the original network shooter Lemnis Gate have announced that the game will soon disappear from Steam. Despite positive player reviews, the game survived less than two years on the market.

If you haven't heard of Lemnis Gate, here's the deal. It's a futuristic network FPS produced by Ratloop Games Canada, which debuted a little over a year and a half ago on PC and current- and last-gen consoles.

The features that were supposed to set the game apart from the competition were time manipulation and the division of gameplay into 25-second sequences. As it turns out, these unique mechanics did not save the game from a premature end.

Good reviews are not enough

A few days ago, the developers informed of their decision to discontinue support of Lemnis Gate. The game's process of "dying" is divided into two stages:

  • As of April 11, 2023, the game will disappear from Steam and other platforms - so it will no longer be available for purchase.
  • On July 11, 2023, the servers will be shut down (on consoles you will still be able to play in local multiplayer and training mode).

Developers from Ratloop Games Canada thanked all the players who supported the game with their commitment (and wallets) during these several months. And I guess that's the problem - despite great reviews, Lemnis Gate never gained a large enough base of loyal fans.

As data from SteamDB suggests, apart from the authors, not too many people will cry over the fate of Lemnis Gate - the game's all time activity record is barely 807 people (near the premiere). Admittedly, the game achieved a good result on Twitch - on launch broadcasts from the game watched even more than 20 thousand people. However, popularity quickly began to decline, only to quickly sink to the bottom - for most of its existence, the title did not attract more than 30 people at a time on Steam.

Despite an 86% Positive Rating on Steam, Shooter Will Soon Disappear - picture #1

Futuristic shooter quickly lost players' interestSource: Ratloop Games Canada

Despite the lack of popularity, those gamers who did bond with Lemnis Gate, accepted the news of the game's "death" with regret. Some, in the comments under the developers' post, ask the team to keep some features, such as leaving the local mode on PC or the ability to host their own servers.

One fan can't get over the passing of Lemnis Gate so much so that he has created a petition, which aims to save the game from having the plug pulled. At this point, 21 people have signed it.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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Lemnis Gate

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