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News video games 14 July 2020, 13:39

author: Dameredet

Lillia's Haiku - Get LoL's Newest Heroine for Free

149th champion joins League of Legends. On this occasion, a hidden quest has appeared in the game, enabling us, for a limited time, to unlock the new character for free. Only a few requirements need to be met for Lillia's Haiku item to appear in our loot.

On July 22 a new hero, Lillia, will appear in the game. Riot has a surprize for the players and lets them get the hero for free. This is the second such action of the studio. Previously, it was possible to unlock Seth in a similar way. What do we have to do this time?

The requirements are not too high. We need to:

  • A level 30 account;
  • Play in either normal (blind/draft) or ranked mode, or against bots;
  • Start playing with Smite and an item suitable for jungler;
  • Get a total of 350 frags and assists, but not during a single game;
  • Majority of farmed/killed creatures must come from the jungle;

If we don't meet one of the requirements, the game will not count our progress.

Currently, many players are trying to get the token as quickly as possible by playing matches against bots at the lowest difficulty level. It is also an interesting idea to use Yummi as jungler support. Players find more and more efficient tactics to get the centaur heroine.

If we want to save 7800 blue essence, we'd better hurry. The task will disappear with patch 10.15 when Lillia is introduced in the game. When the heroine arrives on the servers, we will be able to use the gained token and start the game.

If we got the token, after the patch goes live on July 22, around noot we should look at our loot. We choose our token and open it, after which Lillia will join our hero collection.

League of Legends

League of Legends

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