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LoL's Newest Heroine is a Copycat, as Noted by Angry Players

Paul Wozniak, 13 October 2020, 18:53

Seraphine, the new champion of League of Legends, is taking heavy flak from players who claim that she is too similar to another existing character.

Lillia's Haiku - Get LoL's Newest Heroine for Free

Dameredet, 14 July 2020, 13:39

149th champion joins League of Legends. On this occasion, a hidden quest has appeared in the game, enabling us, for a limited time, to unlock the new character for free. Only a few requirements need to be met for Lillia's Haiku item to appear in our loot.

LoL Season 10 Will Start This Week

Paul Wozniak, 06 January 2020, 17:37

On January 10, the next season of League of Legends will begin. The players had plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the changes, but Riot Games does not intend to slow down. In a few days' time another hero and new skins will be available in the game. At the end of January, the European eSports Games will start.

Aphelios - New Character in LoL Will Have 5 Weapons and a Few Dozen Skills

Paul Wozniak, 26 November 2019, 14:21

League of Legends will receive a champion who will use five weapons in the game and thus will have several dozen different skill combinations. The creators at Riot Games expect a very low victory rate because, as they themselves claim, it will be extremely difficult to master the new character.

Terminator and Joker in Mortal Kombat 11 - Character Trailers Revealed

Paul Wozniak, 21 August 2019, 22:09

We have met a full set of characters who will be sent to Mortal Kombat 11 in the Kombat Pack season pass. In addition to the warriors known from the previous installments, the game will also include the Joker and Terminator.

Sigma is the New Hero in Overwatch [Updated]

Julia Dragovic, 24 July 2019, 10:30

Blizzard Entertainment introduced a new hero to Overwatch, Sigma. An evil astrophysicist who has gone beyond healthy scientific progress. The character will probably appear in the game at the end of the week.

New Leaks From Apex Legends Game Files

Milosz Szubert, 12 March 2019, 16:08

Players have dug up some interesting data in Apex Legends' game files, including what might be the designs for upcoming characters. What's more, they've also found info about the possible implementation of day and night cycle and wallrun mechanics.

Octane - New Character in Apex Legends Leaked?

Bart Swiatek, 28 February 2019, 15:52

A screenshot has surfaced on Instagram suggests that the new character to debut in the battle royale shooter Apex Legends will be Octane High Speed Daredevil.

Baptiste is the New Character in Overwatch

Frozen, 26 February 2019, 15:37

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the game's 30th playable character, which should soon join the roster of the online shooter Overwatch. The newcomer is a former Talon member, the combat medic known as Baptiste.

For Honor reveals new character

Milosz Szubert, 17 January 2019, 13:01

Vortiger the Black Prior joins the For Honor roster as first of the four heroes scheduled to appear in 2019.

Riot introduces Sylas, The Unshackled

Bart Swiatek, 09 January 2019, 12:27

A new champion is coming to League of Legends with the 9.2 update - Sylas offers a very interesting skillset.