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News video games 08 August 2022, 13:28

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Lyria and Rivia in Civilization 6; Witcher World Almost Complete

The World of The Witcher has passed the halfway point of development. Another faction has been added to the collection, which this time are Lyria and Rivia.


The World of The Witcher bundle is not slowing down. The collection of modifications for Civilization 6 has been expanded again - this time we can take on the role of Queen Meve, leading Lyria and Rivia.

Characteristics of Lyria and Rivia

Although both city-states were introduced on the occasion of Aedirn, the author of the modification decided to devote a completely separate project to them

  1. Queen's unique ability - Meve, the White Queen, joins the battle at the beginning of each era. All Lyrian units within 2 hexes around her gain +5 combat power, and the weapons she carries give her a different ability each time she appears.
  2. Lyria and Rivia lie in the valley of Dol Angra, but their kingdoms remain separate entities. Building a Government Square in a city that is not a Capital gives the same bonuses as a Palace (except for the Great Work slot). Trading between two kingdom capitals provides a bonus of +2 to food or production if the destination is a Capital or a city with a Government Square, respectively.
  3. Lyrians use the Arbalest - a weapon heavier and stronger than the popularized crossbow. Riflemen gain an additional +3 ranged attack power when firing at wounded enemies.
  4. Lyria is an agricultural country - the local scenery attracts wealthy nobles and mages from all over the North, who build their Villas there. This unique construction increases the attractiveness of hexes and uses them as a source of additional gold. Food and production are sourced from adjacent plantations, camps and pastures; culture from the neighboring Mountains. In the present day, you also get Tourism (when you discover a flight) and additional gold and production if the Villa is adjacent to renewable energy sources.
Lyria and Rivia in Civilization 6; Witcher World Almost Complete - picture #1
Source: Steam Workshop

City-states in Lyria and Rivia

As was the case with the other mods in the collection, here too we are dealing with three new city-states. They are Angren (scientific), Brugge (commercial) and Verden (military), respectively.

  1. When you are a suzerain of Angren - you get +2 science, production and gold for areas that are wetlands and unimproved flood plains.
  2. When you are a suzerain of Brugge - Meve's trading posts in foreign cities give +5 gold on trade routes leading to or through the city.
  3. When you are a suzerain of Verden - all conscripted units in that city gain +7 combat power.

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Details on The World of The Witcher

The developer is slowly approaching the completion of the collection. Indeed, Lyria and Rivia are the fifth of eight planned modifications that will be in The World of The Witcher. If you want to keep up to date with the project's progress, there is also a link to a dedicated Discord server in the Steam Workshop.

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