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News video games 27 September 2020, 16:54

author: Adrian Werner

Mafia Definitive Edition Hints at Mafia 4 Set in Fictional LA

Collectibles from Mafia: Definitive Edition may suggest where the action of the fourth installment will take place. It's quite likely that Mafia 4 will take us to a fictional version of Los Angeles.

A few days ago Mafia: Definitive Edition, a remake of a classic 2002 action game, launched. There is a lot of evidence that the devs have hidden in the game some clues suggesting where the action of the fourth installment of the series will be set.

Mafia: Definitive Edition has 22 cigarette cards, acting as standard collectibles. Twenty of them present characters from various installments of the series together with information about the cities they come from. However, we are interested in the remaining two, which contain previously unknown characters - Fredo Clemente from Havana and Louie Romeo from Los Ondas. It is possible that the devs have used these two to hint at setting of the fourth installment.

We're betting it will be Los Ondas. The cities in the previous series were fictional metropolises, although they were based on real places. Havana is a real city, and Los Ondas (which in Spanish means "waves") is a fictional name, so it fits more with the traditions of the series.

Given the name of Los Ondas and the mention of Hollywood on the card, it is probably a fictional version of Los Angeles. Let us recall that in the first installment of the series we explored the city of Lost Heaven, modeled after Chicago. The second game took us to Empire Bay, inspired by New York, and Mafia III was set in New Bordeaux, based on New Orleans.

Developing a new city means a lot of work, so almost certainly these cards do not apply to Mafia: Definitive Edition's DLC. In July, one of the developer from Hangar 13 suggested that Mafia 4 is planned, so we're betting that this is the project.

Mafia: Definitive Edition has been released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you're interested in the collectibles in the game, we recommend watching the following video prepared by Hasan--97.

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Last update: 2020-09-27

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