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News video games 23 July 2020, 00:16

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Mafia 4 in the Works? Strange Comment From Hangar 13's CEO

Haden Blackman from Hangar 13 posted an interesting note on Mafia: Definitive Edition. His statement for IGN may suggest that the team is working on a new installment of the gangster series.

CEO of Hangar 13 may have accidentally (?) revealed the future of the Mafia franchise.

In recent months, the thoughts of Mafia fans revolve mainly around the upcoming remake of the first part of the series. They were probably pleased with today's gameplay footage released by IGN. However, there is an intriguing mention in the article. Haden Blackman, head of Hangar 13, casually mentioned in the conversation with IGN that the creators of the original Mafia employed by the company considered the remake a good opportunity to "fill the gap" between Mafia III and... the team's next project. The remark was made in the context of the planned release of Mafia: Dedinitive Edition two years before the brand's 20th anniversary:

"We have a number of people on the team who worked on the original Mafia, and they saw it as a good opportunity as we were bridging the gap between Mafia 3 and the next project we’re working on. And I agreed.”

What kind of project could require a link to the third Mafia? The obvious answer seems to be the next installment. Especially when we add Blackaman's mention that the decision to release the remake now is due, according to IGN, to a less obvious timing. Does the developer suggest that we will celebrate the 20th anniversary with an announcement or even a release of Mafia 4? Not impossible, but for now it's better to refrain from further speculation and focus on the confirmed installment. Mafia: Definitve Edition will launch on September 5 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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