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News video games 03 August 2022, 13:54

author: Adrian Werner

Malcolm McDowell Assures You Can Wait a Bit Longer for Gloomwood

The stealth game Gloomwood suffered a slight delay. The method of announcing it was highly unusual, as actor Malcolm McDowell was for this purpose.

New Blood Interactive gave me an unpleasant surprise by announcing that Gloomwood, the Thief-inspired stealth game that is my most anticipated August release, will suffer a delay.

  1. The delay is fortunately not large - Gloomwood will debut in Steam Early Accesson September 6, this year.
  2. The early access release was originally scheduled for August 16, so the delay will only be three weeks.
  3. The delay was announced in an unusual way by posting a video on Twitter, in which actor Malcolm McDowell, known for such films as A Clockwork Orange and Caligula, as well as from the games Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger and Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom), breaks the news on us.
  1. In the video, McDowell humorously states that players should be able to withstand a few extra weeks of waiting for the release.
  2. The video was most likely made through Cameo, where famous actors can be hired to record short video messages.

There are no indications that Malcolm McDowell will appear in the game itself. However, fans should not complain about the lack of interesting voices in Gloomwood, as the Countess of Gloomwood, the character acting as the main villain, will be played by Terri Brosius, best known for her role as Shodan in the System Shock series. The actress also appeared as Viktoria in the first two installments of Thief.

Fans of New Blood Interactive, disappointed by the delay of Gloomwood can be consoled by the information that on August 16 the FPS Ultrakill will receive Act 2 of the campaign.

  1. New Blood Interactive - official website


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