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News video games 28 July 2021, 13:43

author: Szarmancki

Impressive Mass Effect Posters Inspired by Dune Movie

A talented photographer inspired by the Dune movie created over 20 digital posters of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Check out the impressive results of the artist's work.

Recently the official trailer of the highly-anticipated movie adaptation of Dune has hit the web. The cinematography for the trailer was shot in an impressive style and it is hard to take your eyes off some of the shots, character creations or landscapes. The "wow" effect fascinated a digital photography creator known as xam3l. The artist was inspired by the magic of Dune and decided to compose a series of shots from the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition set in such a way that they mesmerize with the same charm as the posters advertising Denis Villeneuve's movie.

The first attempts can be found on the author's Instagram profile, which he uses as a portfolio - xam3l regularly posts carefully crafted, thoughtful images captured in photo mode of various games, including the Mass Effect series. After the release of the trailer for Dune the creator came up with the idea of creating posters of BioWare games in a style modeled on the movie. The results of his work are as impressive and stunning as the original.

The artist demonstrated his first collection on Reddit, where he shared nine posters, on which we can see for example Garrus Vakarian as Archangel, Jack - Subject Zero or Shepard as the Spectre. The nicknames are apt - just like in the case of Dune. The next list appeared only three days later and included as many as thirteen images, which this time included Tali, Benezia and EDI. xam3l doesn't plan to stop with these images and promises further development of his art project, whose results he will continue to publish on Reddit.

As the author writes under his posts, these were not complicated works to make - xam3l creates photographs in video games every day and spends a lot of time looking for appropriate shots. He already had most of the photos on his disk, so all he had to do was browse them and choose the ones that fit the character of Dune and process them, for example, in the photo mode of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (in the Xbox Series X version), and add text written in a matched font. But let's not forget the creativity and skill required to capture such interesting shots.

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