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News video games 29 June 2020, 15:05

author: Bart Swiatek

Microsoft: Perfect Dark and Fable Twitter Placeholders are Nothing Big

Aaron Greenberg - head of Xbox's marketing department - informed that recently discovered accounts related to the Perfect Dark and Fable brands have been registered on Twitter as part of standard practice aimed at IP protection. Their appearance does not necessarily mean the announcement of new installments of the series.

When will we play the next Fable?


  1. Twitter accounts connected with Fable and the Perfect Dark series were discovered;
  2. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg says they were was registered just in case;
  3. The person who registered the Perfect Dark account claims that it is not official;
  4. Some players think that Xbox's marketing manager is trying to distract them.

Two interesting accounts were recently found on Twitter, linked to the Fable and Perfect Dark series. In both cases, registrants have some connection to Microsoft. Fans quickly came to the conclusion that we can expect an announcement of new installments of these series, but unfortunately it seems that this may be too far-reaching a conclusion. Aaron Greenberg - head of Xbox's marketing department shed some light on the matter.

If we trust Microsoft representative, account registration is a standard practice to secure IP rights. Of course, as usual in similar situations, for some players his commentary has become fuel for further consideration. Some people point out that accounts are fresh, and the phrase "inactive for years" is not true.

It is worth noting that the person responsible for registering the Perfect Dark account confirmed that it is not official (although the founder proposed to give it to Ken Lobb from Microsoft Studios).

The fact is that Microsoft has a couple of popular brands up its sleeve, which have not been used for a long time. The announcement of the next Fable seems to be only a matter of time (at times it seems that the work on this game is one of inddustry;s worst-kept secrets), but Perfect Dark does not appear too often in media reports.

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