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AMD Employee: 4 GB on a GPU is Not Enough

Arkadiusz Strzala, 07 June 2020, 22:11

A marketing specialist informs on AMD blog how the amount of memory on the GPU affects the performance of video games. He says that 4GB may no longer be enough to run some games in maximum details.

Black Book Successful on Kickstarter

Darius Matusiak, 07 June 2020, 22:06

The Kickstarter fundraiser for Black Book - a Slav-themed adventure RPG - was a success. The creators collected funds for most of the stretch goals.

More Than 700 Projects for $5 in's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

Jacob Blazewicz, 07 June 2020, 22:01 offers Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. For $5 we receive over 700 projects, including Oxenfree and Night in the Woods.

The Last of Us 2 on PS4 Pro is „Louder Than the AC”

Jacob Blazewicz, 07 June 2020, 21:54

Gene Park from the Washington Park newspaper mentioned The Last of Us Part: II in a Twitter post. The new game from Naughty Dog has increased the noise emitted the journalist's PlayStation 4 Pro so much that the console managed to jam the air conditioner.

SpellForce 3: Fallen God Announced; Trailer and Hardware Requirements Revealed

Jacob Blazewicz, 07 June 2020, 21:42

Grimlore Games announced a standalone expansion with trolls for SpellForce 3, titled Fallen God. The developers also revealed the trailer and hardware requirements of the upcoming add-on.