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News video games 14 April 2023, 15:49

author: Adam Celarek

Minecraft Legends in First Reviews [UPDATE]

Media representatives had the opportunity to test the pre-release version of Minecraft Legends. Here's what they had to say about it.

The first reviews of Minecraft Legends have appeared online. The current average on Metacritic is 74/100 for the Xbox Series X/S version and 69/100 for the PC release.

The prevailing voice in the summaries is that it's a solid spin-off to Minecraft, which has a good chance of getting players who haven't had much contact with RTS interested in the genre. In places there are also comparisons to "simplified Bannerlord".

New media reviews of an action game with strategy elements in a cubic universe - have surfaced online. Minecraft Legends. Editorials, who had the opportunity to spend several hours with the game during the preview, seem to unanimously praise the latest work of the Mojang studio.

A fresh look at the brand

An important theme raised in most of the materials is the gameplay, combining solutions known from real-time strategies and action games. The role of the player is not only to give orders to groups of units, but also to actively participate in battles thanks to a personal avatar.

The distinctive gameplay is not only an original approach to the issue of strategy gaming, but also allows for the game to be conveniently adapted for console controllers. Zachary Boddy from Windows Central summed up the genre as:

"A fantastic mix and the reason why Minecraft Legends deserves more attention," claiming that "only fools would overlooked" this game.

In the video dedicated to the game, a representative of IGN also draws attention to the unhurried nature of the gameplay. Although the battles themselves are characterized by appropriate dynamic, so the game in no way forces the viewer to constantly push forward in fear of an unexpected enemy invasion. In the spirit of Minecraft, the player can indulge in quiet exploration and approach successive challenges at their own pace.

Among other aspects highlighted by journalists, it is worth mentioning:

  1. the presence of numerous mobs known from the original game, with which we can make friends and then fight together;
  2. a pleasant introduction to the game, calmly and gradually introducing more and more complicated mechanics;
  3. a likable storyline that constitutes a tasty morsel for fans of the cubic world and its mechanics.

Minecraft Legends - multiplayer mode

During the show, media representatives also had the opportunity to try out the PvP multiplayer mode. In it two teams of four players enter a battle, which culminates in the destruction of the base of one of the teams..

Despite the suggested depth and variety of tactics that players can use to their advantage, journalists noted a rather high level of chaos characterizing most clashes between teams. The matter is further not helped by limited means of communication between team members. The lack of in-game chat and a primitive tagging system makes it quite challenging to coordinate between randomly selected players.

Minecraft Legends - post-release development, platforms, price

As assured by the developers, Minecraft Legends will be expanded with additional content after its release. One of the attractions is to be special challenges in the Lost Legends & Myths mode.. Players will be rewarded for completing them with special prizes and skins. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no information related to the potential story expansion

Minecraft Legends will launch in less than two weeks - on April 18, 2023.. The game will be available on most modern platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, as well as on Nintendo Switch. On Steam, the game is available in either Standard of Deluxe Edition. The title will also launch in Game Pass.

Adam Celarek

Adam Celarek

He has been interested in video games since an early age. He graduated film studies and new media, and defended his thesis on ludology. He started working at Gamepressure in early 2023. He is primarily a guide writer. Enthusiast of RPGs, unconventional indie games and competitive e-sports titles (mainly brawlers and MOBAs). In addition to games, he's also interested in table-top role-playing games and collectible card games. A fan of old-school technology and retro style!


Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends

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