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News video games 16 October 2023, 04:12

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

This Weekend Belonged to Minecraft; Hot News From Minecraft Live 2023

This year's edition of Minecraft Live has come to an end. During the event, we learned the results of the vote for a new mob, details about upcoming updates and Minecraft sales results.

Source: Mojang

Yesterday there was a very important event for fans of adventures in the voxel universe - Minecraft Live. A special broadcast took place on the official YouTube channel, during which the developers revealed many details related to the future of the Minecraft brand.

New mob - Armadillo

The results of the vote for the new mob to appear in the game was perhaps the most (un)anticipated announcement by the fans. Of the three candidates, it was Armadillo that gathered the highest number of votes.

Armadillo is a creature that can be found in warm areas, meaning the savannah. If the player frightens it, it curls up into a ball. Armadillo "drops" a new item that can be used to create armor for the domesticated wolf. This armor will provide the pet with additional protection.

For the uninitiated - during Minecraft Live, players were able to vote for an armadillo, a penguin and a crab. Only Armadillo will make it into the game, while the rest of the mobs will be rejected and most likely we won't hear about them again. For this reason, Mob Vote is not very popular among fans, as can be seen, for example, from the comments published under yesterday's broadcast.

Many players are calling for the elimination of Mob Vote in future years (the action has been organized since 2017), as the vote divides the fans. Some time ago, a petition was launched on this issue, which has already been signed by more than half a million people. Fans want the developers to add three creatures over the course of a year, instead of one selected mob, which would normally take part in the vote. You can find out more about it here.

Upcoming news for Minecraft games


In addition to announcing the Mob Vote winner, the developers unveiled news that is heading to the popular game series. Minecraft will receive a major update numbered 1.21 in mid-2024. In the coming weeks, some new features are expected to hit the beta version of Bedrock and snapshots for the Java version. For now, we don't know the title of the update, but we do know some details.

  1. The update will add a new structure to be encountered in the game. Trial chambers are rooms whose layout is randomly generated. Players will encounter there a new type of spawners - the clash with the mobs they summon is to be adjusted according to the number of party members.
  2. In the new chambers it will be possible to encounter a Breezer. This is a mob that attacks players with the help of wind, and at the same time interferes with elements of the environment - it can, for example, open sinkholes.
  3. Minecraft will also get new decorative blocks and special light bulbs that can glow in different ways (this is to depend on their oxidation).
  4. The update will also introduce so-called crafters. They are used to create other items, just like a crafting table. However, their work can be automated, for example, thanks to buttons.

In addition, two DLCs will soon be available for purchase, introducing new stories, maps and items to Minecraft: Star Wars: Path of the Jedi and Planet Earth III. The second map is also expected to be available in the Education edition (free for students).

Minecraft Legends

In turn, the strategy game Minecraft Legends will also receive a sizable update soon. It will add to the game:

  1. a new mount - the frog;
  2. witches, another unit that the player can use;
  3. a new type of Piglin;
  4. a structure in Piglin bases that will repel the player with air.

Minecraft sales

The developers also boasted that Minecraft has sold more than 300 million copies. This probably refers to versions of the game for all available platforms. In addition, they shared a graphic showing the things done by players over the past month (below).

This Weekend Belonged to Minecraft; Hot News From Minecraft Live 2023 - picture #1


It's also worth mentioning that Microsoft recently quashed speculation about an improved version of Minecraft for Xbox Series X/S consoles (via Eurogamer). So we shouldn't expect that in the near future the game will improve things like the lighting system - which was supposed to happen thanks to the canceled free DLC several years ago.

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