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News video games 15 June 2020, 15:55

author: Paul Wozniak

Minecraft Mod Enables us to Run Doom

One of Minecraft players has created a modification that enables us to build working in-game computers (based on a virtual machine). The devices are fully functional and can be used, e.g. to run the classic Doom.

Playing Doom in Minecraft? Why not?

If you think you've seen it all when it comes to things Minecraft players can come up with, today we have the opportunity to present a project that will most likely change your mind. The author of this modification has managed to create usable in-game computers based on virtual machines (they can be used to, e.g. draw in Paint or even play Doom). His work quickly conquered the hearts of the community (over 115,000 likes in the Reddit thread). You can see a short showcase of the mod below.

I made a minecraft mod with which you can build computers that work as virtual machines, so they're basically real computers. You order the computer parts from space using a tablet. from r/gaming

The author of the project has put it online, so that other players can also use it (the relevant download links can be found here). For the modification to work properly, we also need to install on our computer a program for running virtual machines - VirtualBox. With the mod, Minecraft will enable us to create a so-called "Ordering Tablet", with which we can "order" the parts needed to assemble a PC in the game (these will be provided by a space satellite). Then we just put the equipment together and select the virtual image of the system we are interested in (this is best done beforehand in the appropriate folder of Minecraft). Once the system is installed, we will be able to use our computer fully. In case of any problems, the full instruction manual of the modification can be found here.



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