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News video games 03 March 2023, 12:23

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Ton of New Features Coming to Minecraft in Update 1.20: Trails & Tales

A major update 1.20: The Trails & Tales is coming to Minecraft this year. See what, besides the adorable Sniffer, the patch will bring to the game.

Fans of Minecraft have quite a reason to be happy. Mojang reminds that a major update 1.20 will come to the game this year and in the process the devs revealed its title, which is The Trails & Tales.

What will The Trails & Tales update add to Minecraft?

Below you will read about the main novelties that the patch will introduce.

  1. New biome called "cherry blossom" - This area will feature cherry trees, and it will be possible to make entirely pink items from their wood.
  2. Camels - Passive mobs that can be ridden by two players at once.
  3. Archaeology - Under this term are, among other things, several new items, such as a brush for cleaning blocks. When excavating in the desert, you have to tread carefully on "suspicious sand."
  4. Armor embelishments - individual parts of the armor can receive unique patterns. This is a mechanic similar to that known from banners.
  5. Sounds of mobs on demand - after placing the head of a selected mob on the sound block, you will be able to hear the sound it makes. On this occasion, the developers will add Piglin's head to the game.
  6. Items made of bamboo.
  7. New blocks of bookshelves.
  8. Hanging signs.

New mob - Sniffer

Cute winner of the Minecraft Mob Vote 2022, Sniffer, is about to debut in The Trails & Tales. This creature will sniff for plants, which can be useful during the gameplay.

Ton of New Features Coming to Minecraft in Update 1.20: Trails & Tales - picture #1
Sniffer is indeed huge. Source:

Despite the fact that update 1.20 has not yet premiered, interested parties can test the above new features via snapshots in the Java version and the beta version of Minecraft Bedrock. It's worth bearing in mind that the aforementioned Sniffer can't be hatched from an egg for now, it's possible to see it in creative mode instead.

More on The Trails & Tales is availableon the official website of Minecraft. As so far we do not know the exact release date of patch 1.20.

  1. Minecraft - official website


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