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News video games 15 October 2021, 13:47

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Mini-map in New World Added by Fan-made Mod

Do you miss a mini-map in New World? Now, thanks to the work of two modders, you can use it and customize it according to your needs.

  • There is a mod available on the web that adds a mini-map to New World;
  • It is fully functional and can be configured to your needs;
  • According to the creators, its use does not come with ban risk.

Days are passing since its release, and New World continues to be hugely popular. Players clearly missed this kind of game, so they spend long hours in the world created by Amazon Games. However, this does not mean that the game is perfect. Among the elements that are definitely missing for many fans is a mini-map.

The creators did not think of introducing such element. This forces players to use the full map, which is quite inconvenient. Many people complain online that they simply get lost in the cities, whose layout is not easy to remember. For all these people, however, the community prepared a mod called New World MiniMap, which fixes the mistake of the developers.

It is the work of two modders and introduces to the game a multifunctional mini-map. It not only facilitates orientation in the field, but also enables us to modify its properties to individual needs. Players can therefore adjust its shape, size and range. Moreover, it offers an automatic zoom function when entering a city.

All fans who miss this kind of element in New World should therefore download the aforementioned mod. Those undecided can test it on the creators' website. Moreover, according to the modders, we do not have to worry about a possible ban. The mod works via the Overwolf - Anti-Cheat application, thanks to which it is legal to use.

New World

New World

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