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News Files and Mods 02 April 2022, 15:13

author: Adrian Werner

Morrowind Rebirth Version 5.8 Features New Items and Improved Models

The huge Morrowind Rebirth mod for The Elder Scrolls III has reached version 5.8. The update brings a lot of new elements and improvements.

Bersion 5.8 of the Morrowind Rebirth mod has been released. It's one of the most important modifications to the third installment of the popular RPG series from Bethesda.

  1. Morrowind Rebirth - download page
  2. Morrowind Rebirth - official website
  3. PayPal profile of the creators, for those who want to support them financially

Morrowind Rebirth - what's new in version 5.8

Version 5.8 was first available in beta form for a few days, and after testing by the community and fixing some bugs, the full version of the update has been made available. As usual, the creators have prepared a ton of new features and changes, including:

  1. New icons for all scrolls were introduced, making it easier to keep track of them in the inventory.
  2. The game world has been enriched with nice wall screens, stylized after those of the Dunmer.
  3. Added more details to Erabenimsun camp.
  4. Introduced a small vault to the Hlaal Council Court (more vaults will be added in the next mod versions).
  5. More details to some interiors.
  6. New weapons, artifacts, armor and scrolls.
  7. Dozens of new and improved item models.
  8. Traditionally, there were also bug fixes, both in the mod itself and in the basic version of Morrowind, such as visual flaws in Nordic fur helmet.
Morrowind Rebirth Version 5.8 Features New Items and Improved Models - picture #1
New version of the mod expands e.g. port in Ebonheart.

Recall that the purpose of the mod is a general improvement and expansion of the game. Morrowind Rebirth improves graphics, enriches the game with a lot of new elements, changes the gameplay balance and mechanics, as well as rebuilds virtually all locations, so that they are more densely filled with objects and NPCs.

All this is done very carefully. The mod will not transform the game into something radically different. We simply get a project that is in practice an unofficial remaster, improving The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind while maintaining its specific atmosphere and charm of this classic.

Finally, it is worth reminding that in order to play with the mod, you need not only the base version of the game, but also all the official expansions. Moreover, it is required to have the Morrowind Code Patch project, unless you are using OpenMW.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

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