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News video games 25 February 2022, 13:08

author: Sonia Selerska

My Glitching Stories - New The Sims 4 DLC is Unplayable

The gameplay pack The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories is clearly not worth buying. A problematic launch and bugs successfully keep the community from falling in love.

As reported by many youtubers, dealing mainly with the topic of Sims from EA Maxis, the gameplay pack My Wedding Stories prevents us from... organizing weddings. Technical issues make the main content virtually unplayable.

Fans of the series know how disobedient the sims can be. Many people already expressed concern during the official announcement that the advanced system of organizing nuptials and weddings - involving so many virtual individuals - will not work well. And indeed it does not.

Characters don't follow the plan, don't follow the dress code, don't listen to the player's commands. It's troublesome enough to get the group together in one place. Wedding cakes, pre-ordered, break, and tossed bouquets fly through walls.

The animations also leave much to be desired. They look very sloppy and evoke more pity than romantic delight from a gripping moment.

My Glitching Stories - New The Sims 4 DLC is Unplayable - picture #1
Ah, that romantic first kiss...

Installing the pack makes players lose the ability to organize weddings in the previous, much simpler format. Those who have fallen into the trap and made a purchase are asking EA for an option to disable the new features. Literally - players want weddings excluded from the pack about weddings.

A day after the DLC's release Lilsimsie, a youtuber with 1.5 million subscriptions who posts daily videos about The Sims summed up the new pack. She emphasizes how beautiful the new world (Tartosa) is and appreciates the clothes and furniture, but because of the bugs she advises not to part with your money.

My Wedding Stories have come a long way. Shortly after the announcement, we learned that the DLC would not be released in Russia due to strict laws regarding the depiction of homosexuality. After fan protests, the decision was reversed and the worldwide release was delayed by a week.

However, EA Maxis must have been ready for the debut on the original date, because the developers offered early access to the pack to the biggest online creators focused around The Sims.

Although the global release has reportedly been delayed due to the introduction of a new localization, online content creators from EA's Game Changers program have been informed that they are not getting the final version, and the pack is expected to receive a day one patch.

My Glitching Stories - New The Sims 4 DLC is Unplayable - picture #2
Celebrating together at the dinner table is something that the player will not experience in My Wedding Stories.

It is not surprising that the developers wanted to take advantage of the situation and polish the content using the extra week. However, the studio should not have led to such a situation. If the game had come out on schedule, its quality would have been even lower.

If the theme in the title doesn't work, the gameplay pack loses its meaning. It's like a game The Sims wouldn't allow us to control the sims. Players are disappointed, but not surprised - this was a very ambitious plan. Fortunately, this is extra content and everyone can decide if they want to spend money on it.

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