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News video games 18 June 2021, 19:27

author: Qskan

New Indiana Jones Game Shouldn't be Expected Anytime Soon

In a recent interviev, Pete Hines, responsible for marketing at Bethesda, revealed that the latest game about the adventures of Indiana Jones is still in a very early stage of development.

  1. In his recent interview, Pete Hines, Bethesda's deputy head of marketing touched on the topic of the upcoming Indiana Jones game;
  2. According to him, the process of creating the game is at a very early stage.

It's been over six months since the first trailer for the new Indiana Jones game was release, and we're still not even a little closer to knowing anything more details about it. Last month we received information that Machine Head had begun work on the title, but a recent interview with Pete Hines - deputy head of marketing at Bethesda - clearly dampens the hopes of fans of the famous archaeologist on the possible swift release.

In an interview with GameSpot Hines admitted that the Indiana Jones game "is at a very, very early stage of development," adding that viewers can guess that the game was announced so recently that it's difficult to talk about exact details.

Is the lack of any information six months after the game was announced a bad thing? It's hard to say. Surely fans would like to have some details in hand, even in the form of another trailer (not to mention gameplay fragments), but perhaps the unhurried pace of work will enable the developers from Machine Games (the creators of the last Wolfenstein) to polish up all aspects of the game. For now, we remain in the sphere of speculation as to what the newest Indiana Jones will be. The likely place of action is to be 1930s Rome, and according to some rumors the game will use FPP.

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

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