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News video games 08 April 2020, 18:16

author: Adrian Werner

New Rumors About Resident Evil 8 - Title, Story, Mechanics

A new set of information about Resident Evil 8 has appeared on the web. According to them, the game is to be subtitled Village. There were also leaks about the plot, including the return of Chris Redfield, and gameplay mechanics.

Example of the game logo created by BioHazard Cast. It is worth noting that the first three letters of the word Village contain the Roman numeral eight.
In a nutshell:
  1. The game will most likely be called Resident Evil: Village;
  2. The main character will be Ethan Winters from RE7;
  3. Chris Redfield will return, but possibly as a villain;
  4. One of the main antagonists will be a powerful witch controlling animals;
  5. Capcom is experimenting with many variations of the equipment system.

A few days ago, we wrote about the leaks related to Resident Evil 8, the next main installment of Capcom's popular survival horror series. Now, a new set of rumors about the project has surfaced on the web. Of course - the information should be approached with considerable caution, but it presents itself quite credibly.

New rumors come from BioHazard Cast. According to the website, the title of the game will include the word Village, referring to the European village, which is the main place of action. There are two possible titles - Resident Evil: Village or Village: Resident Evil. The main character will be Ethan Winters, the main character of the previous installment, who is to be hunted by a powerful witch. Chris Redfield will play an important role, but he will not necessarily be on our side. The reports speak of a sequence of memories in which Chris shoots either Ethan or his wife.

Additional information was also provided by on Twitter, which has also been the source of previous reports on Resident Evil 8 and has repeatedly published confirmed leaks in the past. It confirms the Village subtitle and reports that the protagonist of the demo presented in closed shows was Ethan, who met Chris in the village. AestheticGamer stresses, however, that the project has undergone a number of changes recently, so it is possible that these details are no longer relevant.

AestheticGamer also reassures fans who are concerned about reports of the important role of hallucinations and occultism in the game. Capcom does not intend to create something like Silent Hill and these elements will only enrich the typical Resident Evil formula.

There were also many hands-on reports from the aforementioned demo released the March presentation for brand ambassadors. According to them, Capcom is now testing a number of equipment systems, ranging from a traditional one used in this month's Resident Evil 3 to Resident Evil 4-like mechanics, where we have to arrange items like in Tetris to make the most of the available space.

The demo showed a snowy village with deserted streets. The houses were inhabited, but the residents were not usually willing to communicate with the hero. The main enemy in the presentation were hybrids of humans and beasts, attacking with powerful claws. Interestingly, in some versions of the demonstration, the player's character was armed with a gun, while in others he was defenseless and had to rely on stealth and escaping. The action was shown from first-person perspective.

The aforementioned witch is supposed to command these monsters. In the demo, you couldn't kill her, but when she was hit, she fell apart into a swarm of insects. Among the enemies there was also a massive gorilla-like opponent, using chains in combat.

According to earlier rumors, the release of Resident Evil 8 is planned for next year, although it may be delayed due to the coronavirus situation. The title is to hit PC as well as current and next gen consoles.

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