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press release luckie 17 July 2017, 17:58

New Spider-Man behind the scenes video talks about story and villains

Spider-Man in the upcoming Insomniac's game is a bit older and more experienced version of the superhero, like an athlete at the prime of his career. However, the stakes will be higher too.

Insomniac Games has prepared a behind-the-scenes video, in which the developers are talking about the incoming Spider-Man game, mainly in terms of the story. What’s interesting is that the game will try to interweave the story of Peter Parker’s private life and that of his alter ego – this duality is to be evident in the story.

In this game Peter Parker is a bit older than when we first met him – he’s 23 and thus more experienced. One of the creators compares him to “an athlete in the prime of his career” and added that he is “starting to be good at the Spider-Man thing”. He is now more aware of his superpowers and able to use them to their full potential. At the same time, the challenge Spider-Man will face this time is greater than ever before, as his enemies have learned his ways too. Some of the villains confirmed to appear in the game are Fisk and Mr Negative.

Spider-Man is also called an acrobatic improviser, which means he is able to creatively use the environment in combat to his advantage – e.g. pull some moveable objects into enemies. The game is due out next year on PlayStation 4.



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