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News video games 14 October 2021, 14:55

New World EU Server Shutdown in Broad Daylight; Players Protest

Amazon Games regularly performs maintenance on New World's servers. Many players from Europe can not enter the game in the middle of the day, which leads to irritation. Players from Australia are also unhappy.

  1. New World players from Europe are complaining about the timing of the game's server maintenance;
  2. The break in the operation of European servers lasted from early Wednesday afternoon until the evening;
  3. Australian players are also complaining; in their region the downtime occured during the evening hours, when the attendance is highest.

New World from Amazon Games was invited into homes. Unfortunately, the game is not free of bugs, which players point out regularly since the release. Internet forums are becoming abuzz with another inconvenience that hits especially those who play on EU servers.

It's all about scheduled server downtime, necessary to perform maintenance work. It seems that Amazon Games has chosen a rather troublesome date for European players - Wednesday, early afternoons (for the countries of the Old Continent). Players express their dissatisfaction both on the official game forum and on Reddit:

"Planned maintenance should not be during EU mid day

It happens each time, it seems like Wedensday 13:00 is the time AGS plans to do downtimes for EU, while it is 3:00 am for NA.

In the beta they said it was a beta thing and in launch they will do it at 3:00 am for each region like Blizzard/Riot and all the big companies do.

Pretty insane that they decide to fuck their larger playerbase (EU) and work in the middle of the night (cause they live in NA), instead of doing it at the end of their work day or god forbid have different downtime for different regions across the world like any big studio.

EDIT: Many people say "it is going to be prime time for somone", guys, there is a concept in which a company does not get the entire network down but separate the patch to regions and do the patch at a different time in each region (launch wasn't global, why maintenance is global?)

EDIT2: And of course as predicted it got extended into EU prime time as well, indeed my comment aged well," writes Reddit user Physics_Total on server work.

Yesterday, player irritation was all the more understandable because the maintenance works lasted well until the evening, and in case of some servers it lasted even nine (!) hours.

Players from Australian servers also complain about the situation; in their case, the work is carried out in the middle of the so-called "primetime".

"Ye sucks to live in Australia. Maintenance right in the middle of peak time at 9pm," complains user Nanobach.

"Which is 8pm for Queensland and 6pm for Western Australia. Horrible timing," seconds Reddit user WolfeCreation.

The current state of affairs is certainly not optimal, as it's hard to enjoy a game that isn't available for a significant portion of the day. For some, the time that was spent on server maintenance is the only time in the day when they can afford to experience their favorite game. The solution seems to be given on a plate - different hours of technical downtime for different time zones. Will Amazon listen to the voice of the community? Time will tell.

Michal Ciezadlik

Michal Ciezadlik

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