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News video games 15 November 2021, 13:48

author: Adrian Werner

New World Server Merge and New Adventures Coming Soon

The creators of New World have revealed what they are currently working on. The plans include server merging, new adventures and outfits, as well as bug fixes.

  1. Server merging;
  2. Improvements in character transfer between servers;
  3. Adventures related to professions and weapon skills;
  4. New expeditions;
  5. Additional clothing;
  6. Improvements to combat system;
  7. More diverse adventures;
  8. Encouraging players to join weaker factions;
  9. In the long run, the possibility of changing regions.

Amazon Games published a new post on the official blog of New World. It outlines the creators' plans, which include merging servers. For now, the solutions that will make this possible are undergoing testing, so the devs do not want to give any specific dates. They want to do it carefully, merging worlds that fit together.

During the merging of servers, one of them will be the main one, in which virtually nothing will change except the influx of new players. The other will be annihilated and its characters, companies, houses, gold and items will be transferred to the main world. The transfer will not include owned territories.

The developers are also working on eliminating bugs that appear when transferring characters to another server. Currently, sometimes players cannot use th transfer token due to non-existent contracts in trading posts.

In further plans is to enable players to transfer between regions, which would allow for example transfering a character from the European server to the American. A thread has been created in the forums where players can tell the devs what they expect from such a feature. It will be designed based on the community's feedback.

There are also improvements planned for the combat system, especially in terms of changing weapons, dodging and overall balance. In addition, we can expect corrections to perks associated with weapons and armor, because currently they do not all work properly.

The developers are also working on fixing major issues present in the game. A bug which prevented factions from starting wars with other groups has already been fixed. The creators also want to introduce incentives for players to join weaker factions. The variety of adventures will also be increased. The developers want to limit pointless travelling from one place on the map to another and strengthen the story aspect of challenges. New profession-related tasks, such as cooking, crafting or mining, will be added soon. Improvement of the associated skills will result in access to more adventures with this theme. Similar plans are connected with weapon specializations.

In the coming months, new Expeditions with numerous tasks and fresh mechanics will also be added to the game. We can also expect additional costumes. For now, there are no plans to introduce a minimap. At the same time we were assured that people using mods that add this feature will not be banned, if their creators will comply with several guidelines.

New Version of NewWorldMinimap

In the matter of minimap modifications it is worth mentioning that a new version (1.2.0) of the NewWorldMinimap project has just been released. This is probably the most popular and extensive mod of its kind, and it has been developed in such a way that it closely follows the guidelines of Amazon Games, so that using it does not involve the risk of getting banned.

  1. NewWorldMinimap - download page

New World debuted on September 28th. this year. The game is available exclusively on PC.

  1. NewWorldMinimap on GitHub
  2. New World - game guide
New World

New World

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